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Keith watches David's number come up on his cell phone's caller ID. Maybe he can hear David dialing, seeing as they're both IN L.A. RIGHT NOW. He kind of smiles because he has funny news about girl sex that totally can't backfire personally or professionally, and he picks up the phone with a "yo." David's voice is very strained on the other line, and he immediately tells Keith, "You have to come home." Keith says that the tour will be back west in a few weeks even though he's there RIGHT NOW, but David vents, "I need you now." Keith pulls back and promises that he's listening, but David's already gone, screaming that he doesn't feel like he needs to explain that he's losing his mind, ending with "Where is everybody?" Like in that airline commercial nobody remembers but me. Keith tells David to go to his family's house because they always make people feel better, and that he'll be there as soon as he can. David hangs up the phone in a huff and throws it because that is apparently a side effect of having sex with Keith and also because David is a baby.

Gospel funeral! Nate stands in the back and grooves like a white man, while some ladies sing a song called "Oh, Happy Day," though I'm guessing the former Mr. Marshall wouldn't so much agree. Let him try and argue. Suckah!

"I think I figured us out," Mena Suvari tells Claire because they're never going to leave this house, ever again. Anyway, what has Claire figured out? She's talented and you're not? Yeah. One step ahead of you. Claire goes first, telling Mena Suvari that she thinks Mena Suvari is the "coolest and most beautiful person I've ever seen...but when I look at this whole thing objectively..." Mena Suvari takes it the rest of the way: "The attraction's aesthetic." No. She was going to make fun of your hairline. But nice self-preservation. Ultimately, Mena Suvari feels Claire has made her decision: "You're not into fucking women." And Claire still hasn't had an orgasm, but after seeing Mena Suvari's, "I really want one." Too bad, un-lesbo. Straight is the new straight.

This can't end well. We're in Brenda's airy bedroom, Nate lying on the bed with Brenda and Maya, while Maya plays with these little trains that I totally bought for my nephew. Doesn't this show know that girls like pink and boys like trains? Are you trying to make her Claire? Or not Claire? I'm still not straight on it all wakka wakka. Nate compliments her on the place, and she does nothing to simplify matters, noting, "Could've been us." Nate retorts that it's "not us." And, it's them. But not yet. It's time for a nap and Brenda insists they just let Maya sleep on the bed, and that they can retire to the couch in the living room and talk about "safe things." Or not talk. They can talk or not talk for hours.

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