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George enters the Fisher kitchen to find a burning hunk of meat, and when he removes it from the office with a maximum amount of huffery, he finds a note taped to wall next to the sink. True to character it would read in huge block letters, "WHERE WERE YOU" with a drawing of a Crape Myrtle on the bottom, somehow drawn in a way he intuitively knows is passive-aggressive. You have to be a damn good artist to draw a passive-aggressive tree. You have to be Matthew Barney of LAC Arts good.

Sad to see couples break up. Keith chases Celeste around backstage, and she tells him she can't trust someone who sleeps with a woman while his boyfriend is recovering, telling him, "It's not cool to fuck the boss." And that's why I don't work for the Defense Department anymore. Saving face, Keith shouts after her, "Just so you know, I was leaving before you fired me." She holds up her arms and says a word she doesn't know: "Synchronicity." She kisses him once more and offers a sultry "Ciao, baby." Walk through that curtain, Trachtenberg. And let that be the last we hear from you.

From a flickering television, Homer Simpson reads, "'Dear Neighbor, You are my brother. I love you. And yet I feel a sadness in my bosom. Neighbors forever, Ned Flanders.'" Homer and his family laugh uproariously, and I can't say more because we don't recap sitcoms. But that scene seems to be from Episode 7F08 of The Simpsons, entitled "Dead Putting Society." David, Claire, and George sit in the living room watching it and not laughing at all. Are they waiting for The Drew Carey Show? What's wrong with these people? Yeah. I guess I wasn't that in love with Season 2, either. Nate walks in with Maya and wonders, I'm sure, why all of these people would be together voluntarily. He asks, "Where's Mom?" like she always sits down and watches The Simpsons with them at 6:30 on the Superstation. David hands Nate the letter because, dude, don't talk during The Simpsons. Nate reads aloud: "Going away. Don't contact the authorities. I'll be in touch when I'm ready. Dinner's in the oven." I guess when you can't make your husband appreciate you, the only choice left is to just disappear. Worked for her dead daughter-in-law.

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