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George cracks up and Ruth notices, but in a flash Nate is pawning Maya off on her and escaping downstairs with David to tend to the body. Ruth's tizzy is further exacerbated by the arrival of Claire and Mena Suvari, whom Anita welcomes as "Gertrude and Alice." This refers to writer Gertrude Stein and said writer's lover Alice B. Toklas. No one knows what she did. ["Loved Gertrude Stein? Full-time?" -- Wing Chun] Mena Suvari mocks Anita's retro outfit, and if George had shoehorned in a line about how Anita obviously knew more about history than she thought she did if she knew how to dress so damn '80s, it would have taken us a long way in finding something to like about George. Ruth testily tells Claire that perhaps she should confine her friends to the coach house, and The Three Antiestablishment Narcissists Of The Apocalypse take their leave. "Pretty funny," George tells Ruth as he leaves the kitchen, and, standing by herself, she not-agrees, "Hilarious." Hey! No one leaves this kitchen without a shout-out to Sappho and at least one shrouded reference to Eleanor Roosevelt. Sigh. Lesbian jokes are wasted on the young.

Rico works on James Dubois Marshall, I guess tenderizing the steering wheel grooves off of his forehead and that's pretty much it. Nate checks out the toe tag and David walks in with Marshall's clothing, which he announces is "a thousand-dollar suit." He walks across the room on his way to turn the "It has been X days since all three employees of Fisher & Diaz have actually been doing work at the same time" counter back to zero (from approximately one trillion), and Nate muses, "You think you've seen it all." Apparently, Nate has not seen The Dreamy Musing Provisional Ordinance Of 2001, which stipulates that any human being daring to be so introspective as to use the catch-all sentiment "I've seen it all" must only do so while clad in a swan costume. Rico spins conspiracy theories that maybe someone left him there and ran, but Nate doesn't agree, replying with certainty, "This guy drove himself to his own funeral." Jeez, Rico. Read the recap.

Across the room, David calls Keith "I Want" Charles "In Charge Of Me." Keith asks what's up, and David tells him, "Nothing. Missed you. We haven't talked since yesterday." Keith corrects him that they talked just that very morning, and David apologizes, "Right. I spaced." Keith tells him, "You don't sound like yourself," which sends him into a frenzy that causes him to move an Office Max worth of products around on his desk at a very loud volume, apologizing, "Bodies are coming in left and right today. Nate, Rico, I'll be there in a second." He even fake-dials a few numbers on the land line phone, and somewhere in L.A., Heywood Jablome hears his phone ring once and then stop and just throws his arms up and yells, "First last week, now this." David storms out and Rico says, lowering his voice in pitch, "He's not fine." Nate responds, lowering his voice in sincerity, "Ya think?" Truly, Nate, only sleeping with your ex-girlfriend can make your brother better.

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