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Death, dicks, dope, and a dancer

Alan Ball: Get out. Immediately.
Aaron: What? Why?
Alan Ball: The show's over. Now, I agreed to let you in here for two episodes to explain why you were gonna be gone for a week, but that's it. Now they're over, so, you know, get out.
Aaron: But I thought…
Alan Ball: Out!
Aaron: All right, all right. Jeez. Listen, if you won't let me stay, how about an interview?
Alan Ball: Only if you agree to wear a cape and tights.
Aaron: Deal. For someone of your talents, that's a bargain.
Alan Ball: You know what? Never mind. I don't need that mental image.
Aaron: Okay, what about Rick Cleveland? I mean, he's gotta be getting a pretty good laugh out of the fuss in the forums.
Alan Ball: If you don't leave now, I'm gonna have to search your bag for pot.
Aaron: Oh, please. Like you don't already have enough lying around here.
Alan Ball: That's it. I'm calling the cops.
Aaron: Whoa! No need to get nasty. Listen, if you won't do an interview, how about you just let Larry post every now and then? You know, just to say hi? Maybe explain whether or not the chest hair requires any special lighting?
Alan Ball: Man, where's Gustave when you need him?

Next week: Ruth camps! Gabe apologizes! Keith returns triumphantly! There'll even be a Top Twelve List! You won't want to miss it.

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Six Feet Under




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