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Cut to Nate and Tom in a bar somewhere, as Tom asks Nate how he's handling his impending forty-ness. "I haven't thought that much about it," Nate says, to Tom's amused disbelief. Tom has a personal question: "You have a harder time now? Like, getting wood?" Oh, God. Nate admits that he does, and it's hard to tell if he's lying to put Tom at ease. Which if he is, is such a mistake, because Tom's got a follow-up: "Do you ever look at girls? Young girls, like, you know, like fourteen, fifteen, and you get that same feeling you got when you were that age and you're so fucking hard it feels like you might break?" Nate says he has a daughter, so he doesn't look at girls that way. "Liar," says Tom, and says he doesn't look at his own thirteen-year-old daughter that way either, "but she's got a friend..." The screenwriter of American Beauty gets ready to sue, but then remembers this is his show and thinks better of it. Nate's kind of horrified. Tom says he would never actually do anything, but "she reminds me of this part of me that I'd forgotten even existed. You know?" Nate doesn't. Nice try, though, Less-ter Burnham. Tom asks if Nate never lies awake thinking he's going to be forty. Nate insists that he lies awake thanking God for letting him live this long. He says he's had a lot of shit go on in his life and he gets that it doesn't last. "And I'm no different than anybody else. Yes, indeed, this will happen to me. It is happening to me, a little bit each day. And that doesn't freak me out. If anything, it's liberating." Tom says it's just going by so fast. Nate asks if Tom would change anything: "Who you're with, or what you do or what kind of person you are, because if you would, do it now." Tom says that's really harsh. Nate says this is all they have. And he's gotta go so he can be home before Maya goes to bed. He takes his leave, agreeing to get together with Tom again sometime. But I don't think he means it any more than Sharon did when she said it to Rico.

Back among the pretentious art folk, Artist Guy suggests a visit to some hot new nightclub, but Billy begs off, saying he's tired and he's got his lesson plan for next week to do anyway. "Where's the old Billy I used to know?" Artist Guy provokes. "He's going to the restroom," Billy says, and does. "He feeling okay?" Artist Chick asks Claire. Claire thinks so, but she asks if they don't. Artist Guy sneers, "The Billy Chenowith that I knew wouldn't be going home early; he'd have us out all night doing something completely insane." "Insane" being the operative word, of course. Claire smiles stiffly.

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