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Billy gets to the bathroom and splashes water on his face, and then looks at himself disgustedly in the mirror. Where have you gone, Creepy Jesus? And don't you even have to pee?

Ruth gets into bed next to George, who's saying it's nice to have Maggie there. Ruth agrees that it is. "She's one of the few things I did right," George says. "That and marry you." "You're a sweet one when you want to be," Ruth says, not at all sweetly. "It's easy to be sweet when I'm married to you," George lies, and starts to get a little amorous. "Goodnight, George," Ruth says, and turns out her lamp. George sits there sadly on his side of the bed, unhappy at his new inability to blind his wife with lust. Fade to white. Which I've figured out is generally used as a transition to the next day. If I forget, I have a handy mnemonic device: Fade to white/Overnight. You can feel free to use that if you want.

So on Day Three of the episode proper, mourners file into the chapel for Sam's funeral. Nate's back in position by the door. David sidles up to him and whispers that Sam's ass had a tattoo reading, "USDA Prime Beef." "It was 1982," Nate says. "Sorry, my crush is officially over," David says. He tells Nate he's got another body waiting downstairs whose death was in no way relevant to the Fishers' lives right now, and thus we know nothing at all about the poor bastard. Nate says he thought Rico was handling that one, but David says that Rico "had an emergency with Sharon." "What kind of emergency?" Nate asks. David just shrugs and shakes his head before taking his leave. Nate turns his attention back to the funeral. Tom takes the lectern and introduces himself, and then tells a story about the time he, Nate, and Sam cut class by jumping out a second-story window. At which time Nate sprained his ankle and Sam gave Tom a concussion by landing on him. Tom tries to make some point about destiny and best friends, but all I can think of is that Nate was right: the amazing thing isn't that Sam got killed, but that any of them lived this long in the first place. Sam probably ran over himself a few times a week and just never died from it until now.

Rico is back at Sharon's apartment complex, and he's acting so worried about his date that he actually prevails upon the landlady to let him into Sharon's apartment. Where he finds Sharon in her pajamas, perfectly fine aside from being seriously pissed off that Rico came into her home. The landlady says that Rico insisted on being let in. Rico says he was worried after Sharon stood him up, ignored his messages, and failed to answer the door. "Look, I'm sorry," Sharon says. "I thought you could, you know, take a hint." Yes, that's our Rico: master hint-taker. Rico looks like he'd take a trap door in the floor right about now. And the landlady doesn't seem like she'd mind one either.

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