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And what do unhappy couples disagree on? Well, as Ruth is about to show us, every goddamn thing. She's busy in her kitchen, where she's joined by George. "Look at you, always working," he says admiringly. She says that's because there's always work to be done. He tries to help, and then gets snapped at for using the wrong towel. "You've been at sixes and sevens with me all day," he says, not unreasonably. Sixes and sevens? Is that how old people say "bitch"? He offers to take her to the deli for a sandwich. "It's 10:30 in the morning," she snaps. George placatingly says he'll make his own sandwich. He heads over to the fridge and starts fumbling around, looking for condiments. When Ruth turns around from the sink, he's been replaced by a vision of her legless grandmother, perched in a wheelchair and snarling, "Well, if it's too much of an imposition to help your grandmother, I'll make my own sandwich. Just tip my chair over so I can crawl to the breadbox!" "Let me do it!" Ruth cries, and pushes past George to yank sandwich fixings out of the fridge and throw them on the table. George says he can do it, but Ruth can't hear him way up there on that cross. ["I get in that mood when I clean too. It's most of why we have a cleaner." -- Wing Chun]

Nate and Rico are doing the intake interview for the Sam, the Corpse of the Week, and his wife appears to be about as upset if she would be if he'd only run over the paper and not his own head. Nate recognizes the CotW's name from high school, although he didn't recognize the photo, not having seen Sam in years. Nate asks the wife how she happened to come to Fisher & Diaz, and she says she drives past all the time on the way to Sam's parents' house. Which Nate remembers, of course. The interview over, she stands up and calmly walks out. Not a casket climber, I'm thinking. Alone with Nate, Rico says, "A buddy of yours, huh?" Nice of him to pay attention. Nate confirms, "Me, him, and this other guy were best friends all through high school." You suppose Other Guy will be showing up later?

That gallery owner from last season is shuffling through a stack of Claire's photos in Billy's apartment. Which I guess is her and Billy's apartment now. Anyway, she's nervously jabbering on about her "totally different direction" and how she "took the collage stuff as far as [she] could." So her big breakthrough? Nate and Brenda's wedding photos. Oh, brilliant. You know, I've decided that from now on this space will be filled entirely with the marketing proposals I write at my day job. It's not "recycling work I've already done for a different purpose because I'm lazy;" it's a "totally different direction." That's cool with you, right, Wing? ["If they're proposals about Six Feet Under, go for it." -- Wing Chun] Gallery Owner looks unimpressed, although the photos of spilled-on George and angry Ruth give him some pause. There's a moment where I think the private photos that got Claire smacked upside the head are going to end up in a public gallery and thus get her shot in the face with a bazooka, but Gallery Owner thinks otherwise: "They're quite beautiful. But I can't sell them." He explains that nobody wants pictures from someone else's wedding. Well, duh. Even an ignorant philistine like me knows that. Claire offers to take out the more wedding-y photos, but Gallery Owner says, "I wouldn't advise you to compromise your artistic vision." I'm not sure if he's fucking with her. Claire gets more desperate, finally coming right out and saying she was hoping for another show. Okay, so maybe she could take some damn pictures, then. Gallery Owner gets up to leave. Claire grasps at straws, saying she's got more ideas for the collage series. He says he's got a group show coming up next month, and if she can come up with two pieces from her collage series, he'll see what he can do. "Just two?" she calls after him incredulously, because she had one show and now everyone owes her a living. "The world is an evil place, Claire," he says as he walks out. Okay, he's fucking with her a little.

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