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Brenda arrives at the crowded, steadi-cammed chaos of the free clinic. The clinic's boss shows Brenda to a somewhat ratty but large office, and I hope I'm not supposed to feel sorry for her because that room is huge. There are bookcases and everything. The boss explains that Brenda's sharing the office with another intern who works alternate days, and that there's a staff meeting at 2:00 in the afternoon. Until then, Brenda just has to keep herself busy reading through a box of files. "I'm glad you're here," the boss says. "We need you." The boss says it like there's a "but" following that statement, but it turns out there isn't. Brenda says she's glad she's there too. That was the shortest orientation ever. Brenda settles down at her desk with her box of files.

Back at the funeral home, It's time for Sam's viewing, and Nate's stationed next to the door to the chapel. Rico takes up his position opposite Nate at the other side of the doorway. "I thought you had a lunch," Nate whispers. Rico says he does, but that he's just waiting for Sharon to call him back. "Might be a looong lunch, if you know what I mean," he adds. Nate snickers at Rico's patheticness, but pulls himself together in time to wish Rico luck. Fortunately, Nate is rescued by the fact that the next mourner is Other Guy, the third member of Nate and Sam's high school triad. He's now a big, blond, middle aged dork whom Nate warmly greets as Tom Wheeler. They're happy to see each other, but Tom says he wishes it had been under better circumstances. "I never thought he'd be the first one to go," he says. "So how does someone run over himself?" Nate still doesn't know. And thus endeth the running gag before it's flatter than Sam's face pre-Rico. Tom and Nate agree to get a beer and catch up later.

Elsewhere in the house, Ruth is welcoming George's daughter Maggie for a visit, saying that George has good days and bad days. "More bad than good," she adds. So Ruth is at least accomplishing something. Maggie says that George always sounds great when she talks to him on the phone. "Your calls always help," Ruth allows. As Maggie sets down her luggage, George happily comes into the room and greets his daughter with a hug and kiss. She tells him he looks good. "Well, I feel pretty good," George says. "I guess sending thousands of volts of electricity through the brain must have done the trick." I guess so. Do it again. Ruth invites them to sit down for some iced tea. George tells Maggie he's still having problems with his memory. "Yesterday he forgot our home phone number," Ruth announces flatly. George looks embarrassed. Ruth continues: "He needed it at the pharmacy. He was hunting all over the store for me like a lost little boy." Maggie says that's normal, and George puts on a brave face. "The doctors say it could be a very long haul," Ruth adds. That sits there for a minute while everyone absorbs Ruth's sunny, positive attitude. Maggie finally asks George what he's up to, and he says he spends a lot of time resting and reading. In fact, he just finished a book that Maggie says she's been wanting to read. "Let me get it for you," he says, and then adds pointedly, "before I forget." Once he's gone, Maggie tells Ruth that George seems a lot better to her, and adds that she didn't know what to expect from what Ruth had been telling her. Ruth moans that she doesn't know what to expect every day. Maggie looks uncomfortable. Perhaps she's thinking that at least when George was in the hospital, nobody there hated him.

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