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The Lady Stays Vanished

Nighttime at Fisher, Diaz & The Shawshank Redemption, and the doorbell rings. Ruth answers; it seems that Citizen Baines has forgotten his reading glasses. Once he's found them, he thanks Ruth, and says unprompted that he didn't know Mrs. Su very well, although he gets his paper at the Sus' shop every morning. This revelation inspires Ruth to dissolve in tears, then blurt out that her daughter-in-law is missing, and she thought she had a feeling everything would turn out all right, but now that they've found the car, her feeling is that something terrible has happened. Bawling in earnest, she walks forward and leans on the Bishop. The Clarinet Of He's Very Comforting, Especially In That Pig Movie sings its sad, sad song. Zefram Cochrane hugs her, and after a minute, she pulls it together and apologizes for "cry[ing] all over your jacket -- and you're a complete stranger." "Not anymore, I'm not," he twinkles down at her. Oh, good grief. He's better than Begley, but…ugh. He and Ruth gaze knowingly at one another for about a week.

Keith is telling David that David could have called him and had him bring some stuff over, but David, packing, shrugs that "this way is easier." Keith asks how everyone's holding up, and aims for a brownie point by saying that his friend at the sheriff's office put Lisa on the statewide teletype system. David thanks him, sounding almost annoyed, and Keith self-effaces that he "didn't do anything," just made a phone call. Although I think he's enjoying the reversal of their usual roles -- usually Keith is all remote while David does the puppyish try-to-snap-him-out-of-it thing -- David relents enough to thank Keith "for being there…here…whatever." Keith sits on the bed and peers at David: "How are you doing?" "Me? Fine." "Liar," Keith teases. David gives him a "don't start" look, but a gentle one, and Keith asks if he wants to stay a little while. David cringes again and says he doesn't think that's a good idea right now, which Keith accepts, but adds, "Call me if you hear anything…need anything." David says he will, and bolts. Keith is sad.

Rico is dancing angrily with a foxy woman who is not Vanessa, and the salsa tune playing in the scene is stuck in my head now. Shut up, Rico.

Pan across the beach to Nate, sitting in the window of his motel room and perusing what looks like Lisa's date book. In the background, waves crash, and The Oboe Of Don't Worry, Big Pussy Will Take Good Care Of Her mourns soulfully as Nate leans his head back against the window jamb and sighs. Knocking. He leaps up to answer the door, and on the other side finds David and Claire, their brows knitted. "We thought maybe you could use some company," David says, in a tone implying that he half expects Nate to tell them to fuck off; Claire's tiny "so…could you?" shrug backs me up on that. Nate stares at them for a second and stands back from the door, and as they approach him for a hug, he begins to sob and clutches them both tightly. Over his shoulder, David appears to have started crying also, and Nate holds their heads and kisses them as he cries. Aw.

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