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Things To Do In Seattle When You're Dead

Hmm. I wonder if we're supposed to be getting that Brenda is lost without her brother to take care of, or something? I think they might have mentioned something about that somewhere in between all the times that they reminded us that Rico is dissatisfied and that Ruth likes to talk about houses a lot. I sure hope they mention it some more next week, though, just so we can clear up this huge cloud of mystery.

Formaldehyde Fortress. Ruth is serving dinner for David and Taylor, and Taylor immediately takes her plate and starts heading for the TV room. Ruth calls her back to the table, and Taylor truly has a hard time understanding why any family wouldn't watch TV while they eat. To be fair, I'm having difficulty with it as well, but that may have more to do with the four-hour Passover seder I have to look forward to before dinner tonight. Ruth tries to kick off the conversation by asking Taylor what grade she's in, and then she expresses delight upon hearing that it's the fourth grade. "David was in the fourth grade once!" she says. David: "It's true." Taylor: "Did you know that David used to be my Uncle Keith's boyfriend?" Ruth says yes with a glint of pride, but then Taylor keeps talking. "Sometimes my momma calls Keith a 'punk-assed fudgepacker.' He likes men instead of women. [To David] I guess that makes you a punk-assed fudgepacker too, don't it?" David struggles for a minute, and then explains that they don't like to use "hateful" words like that. Displaying an almost instinctual ability to brown-nose her way out of a difficult situation, Taylor changes the subject to Eddie and says that she doesn't like him because he spends too much time looking in the mirror, and also because he talks to her like she's stupid. David gives a little grin at this news, but Ruth is just sad. "Some people just don't know how to talk to children," she sighs, before getting up to do the dishes. As soon as Ruth's back is turned, Taylor decides to play a quick game of See-Food with David, who lets out a sharp laugh before he can get himself back under control.

Seattle. Claire is sitting on a couch reading when she hears Lisa yelling from the other room, "It's time for you to leave now. Go! Go! Go! Go!" Not sure what's going on, Claire enters the kitchen to find Lisa talking to the floor. The whole "is she crazy or not" debate is at last resolved when Lisa explains that she's trying to rid the house of ants. She tried all sorts of vegan methods (including citrus oil and leaving food out by the door), but none of them worked, and now she's trying to reason with them. Yeah. I'll let you decide for yourself just how that "crazy" question was answered. Claire mentions that The Late Nate used to just torch them with lighter fluid, and I'm not really sure that method is any better than Lisa's. It doesn't really matter anyway, since it's time for another lightning-fast subject change. "I'm not still in love with your brother," says Lisa. "I used to be. I used to think that one day he would realize I was the one for him, but he never has. Do you think he ever will?" Claire says she doesn't know, and admits that even though he's her brother, he's not heavy. Kidding. She really says that she's still "just getting to know the guy." Lisa describes Nate as a "heartbreaker" (although personally, I'd have gone with "hair-grower," but again, that's just me) and says that there are at least a dozen women in Seattle that would freak if they knew he was back. Then she asks Claire if she has a boyfriend. Claire manages to stammer out that they just broke up, and Lisa looks back down at the floor. "Fucking ants," she mutters.

Outside, in front of The Greatest (And Cheapest) View In All The World, Nate calls Brenda. For those keeping score at home, that's two Space Needle shots so far. Brenda is by the bathtub in her boudoir, and is doing the absolute bare minimum required to participate in the conversation. She mentions her afternoon with Mom, but doesn't want to talk about it. Nate mentions that he has a headache, but he doesn't want to talk about that, either. As they hang up, Nate looks pensive, and Brenda bursts into tears. Later, Brenda is soaking in the tub with one of her ever-present joints. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. She pulls on a robe and opens the front door to find Grant Show. He steps inside, and after a few brief lines, the seduction begins. Pretty soon, Brenda is buck naked, and Grant is going down on her. Damn. How nice must it be to be Rachel Griffiths these days? She's getting great press, she's got a new movie coming out, and to top it all off, her day job provides both a Golden Globe and regular oral sex. I'm so totally in the wrong business. Since the Grant Show thing was obviously a dream, we now cut back to the tub, where Brenda seems intent on using the shower massager to thoroughly clean her...what's that you say? She's doing what? Oh. Ew.

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