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Things To Do In Seattle When You're Dead

And now we segue into the wrap-up portion of the episode. First we visit the Fortress, where Keith has arrived to pick up a sleeping Taylor. As he holds her and prepares to leave, he and David share a nice moment. They don't kiss or anything, but the spark has clearly returned. Then it's back to Seattle, where Nate is lying in bed, staring off into space. Lisa comes in to give him an extra blanket, and immediately asks him if everything is okay. He says yes, but he clearly can't fool her, and within seconds he's sobbing and rocking back and forth in her arms. She comforts him as best she can, and we fade to white.

The next morning, Lisa offers breakfast, but Claire instantly says no. Heh. Meanwhile, Nate is going through a closet, looking for some of his old things. He's looking specifically for an old flannel shirt, which Lisa says she's pretty sure went to Goodwill. But then he finds it in the back of the closet, and her face falls. She describes the shirt as being "so Nate," and, perhaps realizing what it means to her, Nate offers to let her keep it. She protests a bit, but finally accepts. And with that, Nate announces that they need to hit the road and "pick up Mr. Mossback." And it's about time, too, considering that's the title of the episode. Also, do you get it? Driving Mr. MossBACK? Or maybe they were going for "a rolling stone gathers no moss." Either way, Lisa hands out the hugs one last time, and we're out.

It's breakfast time at the Formaldehyde Fortress as well, as David comes downstairs to find Ruth already at the table. They make small talk about Keith and Taylor, and David finally asks if there's something she wants to say to him. When she says yes, he replies, "I'm all ears." A particularly cheeky editor cuts straight to a close-up of Ruth's ear as she reminisces that The Late Nate used to say exactly that all the time. She then switches back to the constructobabble as she talks about Taylor, and whether or not David's relationship with Keith might be confusing for her. After repeated viewings, by the way, I'm retracting what I said in the forums. That WAS homophobic, whether Ruth intended it to be or not. David's face goes flat when he hears this, and after a moment, he responds, "Mom, I'm happy for you if this whole Plan thing of yours has enabled you to draft a new blueprint, or patch up some of the cracks in your foundation, but just between you and me, you're starting to sound like a crazy person. And I think it's time you kept that shit to yourself and minded your own fucking business." He stalks out and slams the door behind him, leaving Ruth alone in the house with an inscrutable look on her face.

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