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Things To Do In Seattle When You're Dead

Now before we move on to the next scene, here's a quick little brain puzzler for you. Alan Ball has managed to assemble quite the diverse little stable of talented directors (who've worked on everything from The Sopranos to L.I.E. to Fried Green Tomatoes), so why is it that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM always chooses to shoot this room from the exact same camera location -- namely, six inches under the back of David's head. I just don't understand that. Also, for the geometry fans out there, I'd say David's head is definitely more of a rhombus. Hee! Rhombus is a funny word. Even without a "K."

Cut to Keith, hanging out with his mom and Taylor. Mom is packing up to leave, because Dad is going in for a hernia operation back at home. Taylor is all worried that her grandpa might die from this (and if they ever do cast Morgan Freeman, you can assume that it's a safe bet he will), but Mom manages to calm her. She can't calm Keith, however, especially after he discovers that no one has heard from his sister in days, and the only phone number they have for her has been disconnected. He's so angry, in fact, that he even says "shit" a few times. Proving that all mothers are created equal, Mom mirrors Ruth by admonishing her son about his language. After she totally tolerated it from Taylor last week. Anyway, Taylor will now be staying at Keith and Eddie's place, despite her concern that Keith might try to steal her stuff. Then Mom says goodbye, and there's hugs and tenderness all around. As soon as she's out the door, however, Taylor spoils the mood by snarking, "I know a lot worser words than 'shit,' you know." Yeah. Like "worser."

Over at the Formaldehyde Fortress, the Fisher clan has sat down for a family dinner. David delivers a lengthy and ultimately pointless recitation of all the problems that are preventing them from having Mr. Mossback's body shipped back, all so as to give Nate an excuse to offer to go to Seattle himself. Which he totally would have anyway, whether Amtrak was backed up or not. It's established that he'll fly up the next day, see some friends, pick up some stuff, and drive the body back in time for the funeral. Claire looks totally bored by all this, but that changes pretty quick when Ruth asks David if he's "met any nice men lately." When she learns that he hasn't, she's sad. "I wish you'd put yourself out more," Mom tells him. "The door to your house only opens from the inside, you know." Nate is giggling now, and Claire thinks it's pretty funny too, at least until Ruth asks about Gabe. "Gabe joined the Hare Krishnas, Mom," she reports, leaving Ruth aghast. Now David is the one grinning, and Nate quickly decides to change the subject by inviting Claire to come to Seattle with him. He even offers to pay for it. Claire's oh-so-cute little-girl delivery of "We're not doing anything in class I can't miss, and I can bring my homework with me," is absolutely priceless. Aww. Sigh. Rewind. Mommie Drearest is reluctant, but she finally agrees to let her go with a torrent of what I've decided to call constructobabble. As she leaves, David turns to his siblings and asks, "Does anyone know what the fuck she's talking about anymore?"

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