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Things To Do In Seattle When You're Dead

And speaking of explaining things to young women, Nate is now explaining AVM to his sister. To hear him describe it, however, it's no worse than the common cold. He refers to the seizure we just witnessed as being "mild," and then tells Claire that all he really needs to do is take some pills every day for the rest of his life. Oh, and she shouldn't tell anyone about this, even though David already knows. Claire isn't buying a word of it, by the way.

We now return to Crazy & Lacking, already in progress. The stakeout continues, with Brenda sharing the news that one of her clients is a hooker. Zhora psychobabbles some more, and while it is a nice break from the constructobabble, it's clearly nothing but filler for an episode that should have clocked in at about forty-three minutes. A cute blonde who desperately wants to be Chloe from Smallville but who doesn't have quite the required flippiness in her hair emerges from the spa, and heads straight for Dad's car. Zhora wants to go talk to her, and promises not to make a scene. She just wants to "personalize the experience and humanize the situation." She hops out of the car and walks over to begin chatting pleasantly with the blonde. Surprising absolutely no one, however, she suddenly reaches into the window and starts a hissing, slapping, all-out chickfight. Cool. The blonde manages to disengage herself, and screeches out of the parking lot. Zhora stands right in front of Brenda and yells after the disappearing car, "I hope you like herpes!" Heh. She's such a mom. She then climbs back into the car, and does the now-patented "say the exact opposite of what a normal person would say" trick by adding, "You know, I thought she'd be more evolved." Brenda seems fairly wigged out by this whole episode, and starts yelling that Zhora only invited her along because she wanted an audience to tell her how cool she was. "For your information, Miss High And Mighty," replies her mom, "this is life. People have crises. They push each other's buttons, they inflict pain on each other, and once in a fucking blue moon, they bring out the best in each other. But mostly they bring out the worst." Blah blah, argue argue, psychobabble psychobabble, Billy reference. "Now that he's been put away," says Mom, "you're going to have to face your own demons. And sweetheart? They're legion." Brenda hauls off and slaps her mother across the face for that one, and Zhora quickly orders out of the car.

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