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I'm Ready For My Hinky-Ass Close-Up!

David and Keith are already at the adoption agency, getting the bullet on Anthony, who the adoption lady says is a good kid. "You know he has an older sibling?" she adds. They didn't. The brother's name is Durrell and he's eleven. Keith looks crushed, knowing what this means. The adoption lady says they prefer to keep siblings together. David looks at Keith expectantly. "So when do we meet Durrell?" Keith asks. David looks like he's about to cry with joy.

George is also in a good mood, pacing around a big, empty, cookie-cutter apartment with Ruth and saying they'll be very happy here. Actually, it's George pacing around, checking out the view and everything, while Ruth stands in the middle of the room like a guest who doesn't plan to stay long. George says he already likes it here. Ruth favors his back with an evil half-smile, because she's getting a little revenge along with her escape. You see, if George is that close to the museums and the Farmer's Market, he's also close to CBS Studios, which means he's going to be awakened ungodly early every weekday morning by the outdoor PA's incredibly loud call for audience members on The Price is Right. Yes, as a matter of fact we did stay across the street from there during our visit to L.A. last year.

Brenda and Nate are showing Maya a little scrapbook they've made of her story so far, which begins with a page containing a photo of the three of them. And the next page has a picture of Lisa, holding tiny little newborn baby Maya. "She was your first mommy," Nate says. "Your biological mommy." Brenda explains that that means Maya lived in Lisa's belly, illustrating the concept with a ladybug sticker that she pastes to Lisa's uterus in the photo. I hope that wasn't Nate's only copy. "And she loved you," Nate says. "She loved you very much." Maya looks a little confused by all this, but she obviously feels safe and loved as one last hinky close-up zooms in up her nose and into the final fade to white.

Hey, y'all, don't forget that the show's moving to Sunday this week. I'd hate for any of you to miss it and then have to try to catch one of the ninety "encore" airings over the course of the week.

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