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Enter Ruth, pissy, carrying a basket of laundry. Claire quickly puts out her joint while Ruth ignores her in favor of asking George what he's doing. George answers, "I'm…I'm just…uh, hanging out. Do you need me for something?" Ruth, annoyed, says she just wondered where George was. And now she finally turns her attention to her daughter, snapping that Claire left her laundry in the dryer. "Sorry," Claire mumbles sullenly through a mouthful of Jell-O. "Is that my food?" Ruth demands. Claire says it's from the fridge. "The family fridge?" Ruth pushes, because God forbid anybody have unauthorized access to a wobbly bowl of water and ground-up horse hooves. "Yeah, so?" Claire snaps right back. George hops up and says he's coming down. Ruth tells him to stay, and dumps Claire's laundry out on the chair as she leaves. Claire's phone starts ringing. George demonstrates that he's relatively on top of things today by observing, "You're phone's ringing." Claire says she knows. "I just thought…you know…maybe you were too stoned," George says carefully as he goes to follow his wife. But Claire isn't too stoned to answer her cell phone, even though the display clearly reads "Billy's Mobile." I have that exact same phone, by the way. Except mine has a different Verizon logo and is programmed to warble "Play That Funky Music White Boy" when it rings.

Things are going great between David and Little Ray; they're jumping up and down on one of those giant, inflatable castles. I didn't think adults were allowed on those. They bounce and bond, until David confesses that he's going to throw up if he doesn't stop. The boy follows David to the playground wall, where he's sitting down to put his shoes back on, and asks if David's okay. David says he's just queasy. Little Ray comments, "There's no way you can ever be an astronaut…You can't throw up if you're gonna be an astronaut." He doesn't elaborate, but I can't imagine anything worse than puking in a space helmet in zero gravity, and David and I both realize he's got a point. ["Except Bill Paxton's character totally hurled at the beginning of Apollo 13, but okay." -- Sars] The kid changes the subject by announcing that his mom's coming to get him after she finishes rehab in six weeks. David nods seriously. Keith joins them, saying he "couldn't break through the gauntlet." David introduces Little Ray Charles to Big Keith Charles (although it turns out that the character's actual name is Anthony), and says the kid's not up for adoption. Anthony repeats the story about his mom, and Keith says "good for you." And then they both make fun of David for his queasiness and general unsuitability for astronaut duty. I think they're all going to get along great.

Vanessa's picking up Julio from school when she's accosted by another mother, whose son levels an accusation at Julio: "He pushed me down in the bathroom and tried to take my Yu-Gi-Oh backpack." Vanessa denies it, and she fires a bunch of pushy, leading questions at Julio, who clearly knows better than to tell the truth. The other kid gets more and more vociferous and Julio finally says, "So what? It was just a stupid game." Vanessa wilts under the other mother's smug look.

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