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Vanessa opens her front door to find Rico standing on her front step, wanting to know what happened with Julio. News travels fast on the carnival planning committee, apparently. Vanessa says she can handle it and it's no big deal. "Just like us sleeping together is no big deal?" Rico non sequiturs. Vanessa refuses to be baited and says it's just boys being boys. He starts to come in to impose a little short-dad-style discipline, but Vanessa blocks the doorway and says the kids are in bed. Rico says when he got in trouble as a kid, his father took a belt to him. "Then it's a good thing you're not your old man," Vanessa says. Rico again asks to come in, and she slams the door in his face. I kind of wore out that part of my tape watching it frame-by-frame.

Brenda's sitting up in bed, still reading The Coherent Parent. I looked it up on Amazon, by the way, and as far as I can tell it doesn't exist. And if it did, some slick marketing type would probably have insisted on retitling it The Coharent or something. Although I do have to say that the prop department did a nice job of mocking up the cover. Nate comes in, having put Maya to sleep for the night, and sits down on the bed. "I want to talk about what happened this morning," he says calmly. Those are like magic words to Brenda, who puts her book down and gives him her full attention. He begins, "First of all, it made me angry that you would say that to her without us talking about it first." Brenda says he's right and she apologizes, and he thanks her. But she says it's always better to acknowledge the truth. Nate agrees, but he wants to wait until Maya's old enough to start asking questions on her own. Brenda says that Maya may already be wondering, even though she doesn't have the language skills to ask yet. "One day she's gonna find out that I'm not her biological mother. I'm trying to avoid that horrible moment of explanation." Nate doesn't think it would necessarily be horrible. Uh, Nate? Meet Brenda. Brenda psychobabbles in support of her case, and Nate says, "There is such a thing as too much information. You of all people should know that." I wish he would stop saying that to people. Or at least that someone would say it to him so he realizes how shitty it sounds. Brenda asks if his boundary-rich upbringing was so much better than her boundary-free upbringing, and Nate bitches, "I just don't want you throwing shit at her from some book that you haven't even finished reading yet. She's my daughter and I get to decide that much." Oh, we're playing that card, are we? Prick. He goes into the bathroom and closes the door, leaving Brenda to wonder just who that short, squeaky stranger is that Nate railroaded her into helping make potty this morning. I should say that I don't think Brenda's wrong, but I don't see why she's in such a big pushy rush. She's all now, now, now, and she'd probably have better luck getting her way if she gave Nate some time to get used to the idea instead of provoking him to resist. Like it would be so horrible to tell Maya a few months from now. And in case you're interested whether Trash and I have had a similar debate over when to bring M. Tiny into the loop, I can honestly say that we've been in total agreement from the beginning. We told him about his adoption when he was less than a week old, so he's totally up to speed now.

Ruth is back at the yarn shop, sitting with a slightly truncated knitting circle. It's just the Circle Leader, Victoria; the other knitter with lines; and this other lady who says everything twice, who was also in last week's episode and I didn't bother recapping her because it was a dumb bit, but she's here again and she's still saying everything twice. Just so we're clear. And it's still a dumb bit. So that's four of them. If there are only four knitters, is it still a circle or is it a square? Sorry, I don't know much about knitting. Anyway, Ruth is predictably bitching about George: "He insists on talking about everything all the time. I can't stand the sound of his voice." I can't stand Victoria's necklace; it's a choker with four huge, dark stones on it, so it looks like she's wearing a couple of pairs of welding goggles around her neck. Victoria has Ruth's situation all figured out; she likens it to a friend who nursed her husband through cancer, "and when he was cured, she was done. It wasn't her fault, it wasn't his fault, she was just done." This seems to hit home with Ruth. Victoria invites Ruth to join them at a restaurant for dinner later. Ruth makes some noises about having to make dinner for George, but they prevail upon her to agree. They're awfully invested in her, aren't they?

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