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Late Nate, Jr.

Just then Rico pops in and raps on the door frame. He and Maggie greet each other by name (I think this is actually their first scene together, although of course they would have met before now, what with Rico having lived under the same roof as her dad for a while). Maggie tells Nate to take care, and clasps his hand lovingly before leaving. Nate watches her go, even as Rico comes in with a low five and sits down in the visitor's chair. "Man, oh man, oh man. What the hell, Nate?" he says. "Pretty fucking bizarre, huh?" Nate agrees. Out of all the post-coma conversations we've seen this episode, this is the one that rings most true to me, because it's the closest thing to most of the conversations I had with people after my own brain-fart last fall. Rico explains that he can't stay long, because he has an intake to deal with: "This guy got mauled by a cougar." Nate's amazed to hear it, but Rico gleefully confirms, "Right here in L.A. He was walking in the canyon." Nate sighs and says, "The ecotone." He explains, "It's an area where two ecological worlds overlap. You know, like wilderness and civilization." It's also rife with symbolism. Rico tries the word out for himself. "I'll be sure to say that in the intake," he tells Nate. Yeah, it's a gift.

Where's Ruth? Still in the ecotone. But instead of a cougar, she comes across a group of people in a clearing practicing tai chi. There's a bus parked in the background. Ruth runs up to a woman reading a magazine, but the woman doesn't speak English. She says something in Mandarin and goes running off. Ruth, having completely missed the fact that one of those "Mandarin" words was the name Courtney, calls out desperately that she just wants to go home. And then the woman comes running back with a younger Asian woman who says in perfect English, "Hi, I'm Courtney. Is there a problem?" Oh, don't get her started, Courtney.

Keith and David and the boys are settling down for a hospital cafeteria lunch. Well, Anthony's not settling. He's not only refusing to eat, he dives under the table to try to escape. David and Keith smoothly team up to get him back in his chair, and David insists they're staying until they're sure Nate's better. Durrell assures Anthony, "It's okay. Just chill." Interesting to see him as the voice of good behavior for a change. Rather than chilling, Anthony sweeps his lunch to the floor and runs off. Keith and Durrell take off in pursuit, but David calls Durrell back to help him clean up and tell him what's going on with Anthony. "Are you blind?" Durrell says. "He hates hospitals. We always had to go when mama OD'ed." I could go on and on about how not surprised I am at this revelation, but it's totally news to David. He asks Durrell why Anthony didn't tell them. "You didn't ask," Durrell says. Durrell's said that before, but this time he kind of has a point.

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