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Late Nate, Jr.

Nate snoozes in his hospital bed. "Look who's here," Brenda's voice says, and she sweeps aside the curtain to reveal herself and Maya. "Daddeee!" Maya says happily, and clambers up onto his bed. They share a hug while Brenda closes the door to give them a little privacy (I guess Chuck is in the bathroom again). "I'm very happy to see you," Nate says to his daughter with an almost complete lack of affect. Brenda sits in the chair (none too close to Nate), and suggests Maya read her book. "Oh, you brought a book, huh?" Nate says to Maya, all fake-happy-like, when of course what he means is "Here we go." And indeed, Brenda opens with, "I was waiting for you at the church last night. While you and Maggie were…talking." Nate doesn't react. Brenda calmly continues, "I told you to go do what you want. I guess you did." Nate says he didn't want it to go this way. Hmm, if only there had been anything at all he could have done to prevent it. How clumsy of him to have accidentally dropped his pecker into Maggie like that. Brenda's not done: "I've been up all night, thinking and…you're alive." She smiles. "That's all that really matters. We've been through worse together, I guess. We'll get through this too." Nate takes a deep breath and says, "I don't think so." Brenda's face falls in shock. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?" she asks. Nate says he is, and just continues looking at her with no expression whatsoever. Brenda tries not to lose her shit. "What about Maya?" she asks. Nate says that's a future conversation. Presumably because he still needs Brenda to take care of her until he's all better. Willa's a future conversation too, one assumes. Unless Nate has already decided that she's not his problem, which would surprise me not at all. Brenda stands up, saying, "So that's it? You're done? We're not even gonna try?" Nate says they've been trying. So obviously her little church appearance didn't impress him. Nate says they're just different. Brenda: "Yeah, you're a narcissist. I don't think you're even capable of committing to anybody or anything, even yourself." Nate says, "I'm not gonna fight. I'm so tired of fighting." Well, how nice for you. Brenda stands there and sighs, while Maya sits on the foot of Nate's bed and reads her book. How much does it suck to be Brenda right now? She makes the incredibly generous gesture of forgiving Nate before he even apologizes, and not only is he not grateful for it, he dumps her. I wish I could be certain that Nate's going to regret that for the rest of his life, but even that's going to turn out to be too much to ask.

Ruth's on the tai chi bus home, talking to the group leader while Courtney translates. It's more of the same as Ruth bitches about being single and about her unfortunate romantic history. The punch line? "All men are crazy," the leader says through Courtney. "Stick with the devil you know." Ah, sweet, sweet Chinese translating scenes. They recap so quickly, especially when they have no point.

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