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Late Nate, Jr.

Now it's just the Fisher siblings in Nate's room as David asks the universe, "Where the fuck could she be?" He apologizes to Chuck for his language, who says from the other side of the curtain, "That's okay. I'm a Buddhist. We don't care about that shit." I think that's the closest the whole Chuck thing is ever going to come to paying off. Claire says she's just pissed at Ruth now. "That's really irresponsible of her." Wow, getting called irresponsible by Claire has to hurt. Nate says Ruth wouldn't have been able to handle it anyway. "She'd get all upset, flap around and squawk, we'd have to take care of her." David agrees, "Poor Mom. She's so out there." Nate says, "All that stuff with George really did a job on her." Claire cracks, "She could still show up for her own son's coma." The dancers laugh. Claire stretches and gets up, saying she's going to go home for a shower. "I was gonna say," Nate says. It's the little moments like that that I like about this show, more than all the big, crazy drama. Now that it's too late to do anything about it. Claire says she'll be back, and Nate says there's nothing for her to do but "watch the nurses wake me up every ten minutes." Claire kisses his hand and smiles, then kisses David and Nate's cheeks. "Goodbye, Chuck!" she calls, and he answers in kind. Nate tells David he should leave too. David says, "maybe later, I'll keep you company." Nate confesses that he's tired. David suggests they watch TV. He turns his chair to face the tube, positions Claire's empty chair to put his feet up, and calls to Chuck to turn it up. On the screen, a flock of birds dives into the ocean. The camera zooms past David's head and in on Nate's to the sound of seagulls and the crashing surf. And if there's one thing we've learned from this show, it's not to trust anything that goes on in Nate's head when people have been rooting around in it, so any interpretations I have about what follows are my own, and may be entirely wrong. Nate's eyes fly open for the last time.

He's lying on a single bed in a room at the funeral home, wearing a dark blue t-shirt and shorts. He gets up and goes to the window at the sound of a car horn honking and somebody calling his name. He heads out the front door, and there's a ratty old van parked on the sidewalk, pointing out towards the street corner. The back doors are open, and standing on the sidewalk behind the van is a thin Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who stubs out his joint on the pavement and stoners, "Fuck, dude, we've been honking for, like, ever. Let's go." He climbs in and roughly hauls Nate in behind him, saying, "We're gonna be late." Well, one of you is, if you know what I mean. "Jesus, David, what's with the grip?" Nate protests. Wait, that's David? What's with the Spicoli mane and the giant blond goatee? And why doesn't he look more ridiculous with them? I suspect it's because Michael C. Hall is an outstanding actor. Just a theory. David pulls the van doors shut and we see that it's the funeral home's white van that David was driving when he was abducted. But it's got a pair of surfboards mounted to the roof now, and the inside is all tricked out like some '70s pussywagon. As the van peels out onto the street, the Fisher brothers settle down in the back to enjoy some kind bud. Nate asks David where his suit is. "I'm wearing it, dude," David says. David's "suit" in this scene is a pair of flip-flops, board shorts, and a green t-shirt he stole out of Matthew Lillard's trailer on the set of Scooby Doo. David asks Nate if he's stoked. Nate guesses. "You guess, you asshole? We've been waiting for this our whole fucking lives, man." Nate, still getting used to his brother's new look, tells David in amazement, "This is so fucking weird, man! I had this whole other idea of you, like I thought you were this whole completely other person." Like any good mystical dream figure, David explains the situation to Nate: "You are so fucking toasted, man!" They both laugh raucously.

Suddenly the van screeches to a halt, and they nearly fall off their seats. We see the van's driver for the first time as Late Nate yells back, "Am I going to have to separate you boys?" Nate gets serious -- whether it's at the realization that he's in a vehicle being driven by a dead man, or the fact that Dad's glowering at him, we don't know. But the tension is broken when Late Nate announces, "We are so fucking lost," and breaks into a zany guffaw. The boys laugh right back at him, because they're stoned and everything's funny. You could say "Chief Justice Scalia" to them right now and they'd crack up. Behind Late Nate, we can see a beach scene through the windshield. He asks for the joint, and as Nate and David come to the front to pass it along and take a look out, from their point of view all they can see is the sun glinting off the ocean.

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