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Late Nate, Jr.

Back at the hospital, David gets off his cell phone with Rico (ah, I guess it wasn't a telemarketer) and asks Claire if he can use her phone, since his battery's running out. Lawyer Ted whips his out and hands it over first. Claire is still worried about Ruth. "She's not answering her cell?" Ted asks. "She doesn't have one," David explains. On his way out, he's stopped by Maggie, who asks how long it's been. David grunts his ignorance, highly conscious of Brenda staring holes in both of them, and then heads outside to call Keith. "God, what if something happened to my mother?" Claire stresses, and gets up to walk to the far side of the room. "That's extremely unlikely," Ted assures her. Obviously he's new here. Claire sits on a sofa, saying she's flipping. "I don't blame you," Ted says, and sits next to her to hold her hand.

Maggie figures this is as good a time as any to make her escape, and she gets up to leave. "I think you should stay," Brenda drones. "You were with him, you might know something that none of us do." Close-up on Claire and Ted, starting to pick up on the tension between the two women. Maggie sits. And Brenda coldly goes to work on her from across the room, without ever getting up. "Did he just pass out?" Brenda asks. "What were you guys doing?" Maggie claims they were talking. Brenda presses, "Could you tell something was wrong?" Maggie says Nate was fine. "Did he have his phone on? Because I called, like, twenty times." Maggie doesn't answer. "How long were you guys 'talking'?" Brenda continues. Maggie says she doesn't know. Brenda asks what they talked about: "His daughter and his pregnant wife?" Maggie just stares into space. By now, of course, Ted and Claire appear to be fairly well clued in, as they're glancing beck and forth between the wife and the other woman like spectators at the world's most awkward tennis match. Claire whispers to Ted, "You don't have to stay…I got people here for support." "Right," Ted whispers sarcastically, and Claire gives a little gallows giggle. Brenda tosses aside the magazine she's been pretending to flip through.

Hiram and Ruth have taken their little party into the tent, where he's crawling all over her and she could not possibly be less into it. She complains that she's lying on a rock while he mauls her and makes all sorts of demands: "Tell me you missed me…Hold me...I want you naked…Say my name." "Hiram!" she screams. He loves that, until she yells, "Get off me!" She pushes him off and gets out of the tent, saying, "I can't do this." Good call, Ruth.

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