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Late Nate, Jr.

Fade up the next morning on Nate's sleeping face. After building up the "suspense" for a metric eternity, he slowly opens his eyes. Sitting in the chair next to his bed, Brenda says his name and sends the nurse to find the doctor. "Do you know who I am?" she asks. Rather than taking the obvious escape route that she's just offered him, Nate emotionlessly says her name. She sobs with relief and explains that he had a cerebral hemorrhage. "We thought you might be in a coma for months, but here you are." Whee! In the background, Nate's elderly roommate gets up with his neck brace and IV stand and heads to the bathroom. Nate asks what's wrong with his arm and leg. Brenda says that the doctors said he might have problems for a while. Nate actually manages to look put-upon, after having a brain-fart that by rights should have killed his ungrateful ass. Oh, well. Maybe he'll have another one. "Maya?" he says. Brenda says she's with Ma Chenowith. Even with his face half-paralyzed Nate looks annoyed. "It was an emergency," Brenda explains. Where was Maya during Quaker church, is what I'm still wondering. Brenda asks if he remembers being with Maggie. He does. Fortunately, the nurse arrives just in time to kick Brenda out so they can run some tests on Nate. Brenda leaves, saying she'll spread the word. The nurse bangs on the bathroom door, hollering at Nate's roommate, "Chuck! Get back in that bed!" Nate calls after Brenda but she's already gone.

Ruth and Hiram are out gathering firewood, and Ruth calls Hiram out for not speaking to her. Like that's a bad thing. He says he doesn't want to say something he'll regret. Ruth: "I'm full of regrets. What's one more?" Ah, but it's never just one with you, is it, Ruth? They're like potato chips. Hiram says, "I think it was rude and selfish of you to leave the tent last night." Ruth correctly realizes that by "leave the tent" he really means "not have sex with me." Hiram elaborates, "You led me on, and then you pushed me away. I feel rejected and humiliated." Again, like that's a bad thing. Sounds like all is right with the world to me. Ruth says, "What do want me to do, just lie there while you do whatever? I am not a receptacle." Hiram says she didn't even offer any oral or manual alternatives. Ick. "I'm a sensitive man, Ruth, but I have needs," he complains, as if they hadn't just had sex at the funeral home the night before last. "Your needs are not my responsibility!" she yells at him, and flings her armload of firewood at him before stomping off. Again, his camping skills outpace most of his other qualities as a human being, as he actually manages to catch most of it. Hiram asks where she's going, saying she doesn't have the skills to survive in the wilderness. Not that he follows her or anything. "Oh, go give yourself a handjob!" she hollers back. No! Don't! Cut now! CUT NOW! SCENE!

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