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Late Nate, Jr.

Back in Nate's hospital room, Keith has brought the kids in for a visit. Durrell's playing cards with Nate's elderly roommate, while Anthony sits alone in the far corner looking unhappy. Keith asks Nate if it's too much for him, and Nate says it's good. "[The kids] wanted to come and meet you," David says, although he pronounces "meet" like "see" for some reason. "No I didn't!" Anthony protests loudly. Nate laughs, because it's funny that even innocent little children hate him now. Keith says something reassuring about Nate's weakened limbs. "It's strange," Nate says. "I have to really concentrate to make anything happen." David reminds Nate that it's not permanent, and Keith says he knows a cop who wasn't ever supposed to get out of a wheelchair and is now running. And that cop hasn't even met Brenda. Durrell crows a little too loudly about winning his card game, and in the commotion, Anthony squirms out of his chair and crawls out. Keith immediately notices the kid's gone, and David runs out in pursuit. Nate laughs, because it's funny that even innocent little children can't wait to get away from him.

It's another parking-garage goodnight for Claire and Lawyer Ted, as she says she doesn't know how to thank him for sticking around. "I'll think of a way," he shrugs. She's amazed that he spent the night in a hospital on a first date. "That's just fucking goodness," she gushes. He says she'd do the same thing for him. "I would now," she says, and gives him a big hug. "Your brother's fine," he says, and they kiss gently. I wonder if she's pro-war now.

David's sitting alone by Nate's bed, telling his brother about how much he wanted to smoke a joint during parent-teacher conferences (which must be nothing compared to the jones he must have been battling the last eighteen hours or so), when Maggie appears in the doorway. Nate follows David's gaze and happily says, "Maggie!" He was nowhere near this excited to see Brenda, of course. He reaches out his hand as David gets up to leave and invites her to stay. "I'm sure my boys are creating mayhem somewhere." Maggie takes Nate's hand and they smile happily at each other as David excuses himself. Once they're alone, she makes him swear he's all right. "If only I hadn't asked you for a ride," she says. So to speak. Nate says he has no regrets. "You're making love with somebody and your head explodes, that's a good sign." Wow, he could find justification in an actual, literal lightning bolt. With God's name on it. Addressed to Nate by name. That he had to sign for. "You're awful," she says. Wow, she's already into that stage of a relationship with Nate? Oh, wait, she's laughing. She says the night before was a hundred years long. What, like she couldn't have told him to hurry up? Oh, maybe she means the hospital part of last night. Nate says he has so much to say that he doesn't know where to start. Like that ever stopped him. She tells him to rest for now. Already telling him to shut up? I might actually like this girl. You know what would make me like her even more? If she totally rejected Nate and he dumped Brenda for nothing. That would be awesome.

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