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The Kharles House. David and Keith come downstairs after putting Taylor to bed, sighing over the fact that she now claims to be too old to play with Barbies. Hmm. I wonder if that means David gets to keep the doll? You know he wants to. Kersh is predictably sullen, which David takes as his cue to distract Mrs. Kersh by offering to help with the dishes. Keith joins his father on the sofa, and asks if they can have a talk. "I know things haven't always been so smooth between you and me," he begins, before admitting that he was "pretty much traumatized" by the way he and Karla were punished as children. "That was abusive," he continues. "You were probably just repeating what happened to you, but it did a number on me, and I know it did one on Karla." Kersh is incensed that his son has the temerity to "forgive" him for anything. "I disciplined my children when they deserved it," he shouts, as he stands up from the sofa. "I gave you a home, I gave you food to eat, I taught you how to be a man, and you want to forgive me? You better get on your knees and thank me, and maybe I'll forgive you for being a faggot." Ouch. And the "get on your knees" part adds just the right amount of obvious homophobic self-loathing to make it really painful.

David comes back out of the kitchen at this point to stand in the background and listen, but Keith seems to have decided that the argument is over. He turns to walk away, but Kersh tries to grab his arm, which causes Keith to react and shove his father away. Violence appears to be imminent, but David suddenly positions himself between the two men, and tries to calm things down. "Your son was only trying to reach out to you," he explains, but Kersh only gets angrier. When David tries to justify his presence in this family quarrel by saying that he's "the man your son is in love with," Kersh tells him that their relationship makes him sick to his stomach. "How the fuck can you act so goddamn superior when everyone here knows you beat your kids and you cheated on your wife?" shouts David, but Keith has finally had enough. "This isn't the place for you to say any of that stuff," he tells him. "This is my family. Stay the fuck out of it." "Then I can't be here," replies David, before rushing out the door. Well, that was…abrupt, I guess. And to be honest, I kind of have to side with Keith on this one. Family is family, especially when things get ugly. If they'd been together for twenty years, maybe David would have a point here, but these two can't even have sex anymore without picking up an extra boy-toy or two in a bar first, so it's not like he should really expect Keith to take his side over Keith's own father. In any case, Keith doesn't even try to run after him, which is probably somewhat telling. "You should have knocked his teeth out for what he said to me," snipes Kersh, just to prove once and for all that he really is a bad father. "You're pathetic," replies the angry son. And…scene. Whew. That was almost as bad as a break-up. Probably because it might actually have been a break-up. We'll just have to wait and see on that one.

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