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Elsewhere, David and Keith have finally arrived at Aunt Jeanie's funeral. Keith immediately starts walking over to the grave, but David calls for him to slow down so that he can catch up. "It would be nice if we could walk together, like every other couple in America," he complains. "Especially considering that I'm about to walk into a place filled with your every living relative." "So walk faster," replies Keith, earning a look from David that's half exasperation and half bemused respect. Once they finally make it over to the funeral area itself, David transitions straight into undertaker mode and starts making all sorts of snide little comments about the shoddy workmanship on display. He even starts reorganizing the little printed prayer guides that were left out for the mourners. Aww. It's really quite endearing, in a very morbidly anal-retentive sort of way. Keith's parents finally arrive with Taylor in tow, and it's hard to tell whether David, Keith, or Taylor is the happiest about their reunion. And come to think of it, I might actually be the happiest one. I've missed you, Taylor! Hugs are exchanged all around, and then significantly more awkward and polite greetings are made amongst the adults. Everyone heads for their seats, but David pauses for a moment to reflect on the fact that he's really something of an outsider here. Remember that later. Before he can resume his journey to the seating area, however, the organist comes over and asks, "Are you the funeral director?" At first David smiles at the irony, but then his inner professional takes over and he starts giving instructions on music selection. And then before you know it, he's even standing back there handing out prayer guides to new arrivals instead of sitting with his boyfriend. The undertaker's lot is a lonely one, I suppose.

Billydelphia. Brenda has come home from work for lunch, and her and Billy slip right back into their comfortable old sibling banter. Brenda tells a little story about how she got a massage from some guy at work, and Billy somewhat creepily offers to massage her himself sometime. I think the "ew" factor of that sentiment was significantly enhanced by the way it coincided with Brenda taking off her sweater to reveal a pair of immense, bra-less breasts under a very tight T-shirt. I don't remember Brenda being that well endowed, and I also don't like being forced into a place that makes me even consider thinking about my own sister's breasts, so I'm just going to skip ahead to the next part, okay? They sit down at the table for lunch, and Billy hands over a videotape that I can only assume he purchased on eBay along with a Shaun Cassidy TV Movie of the Week and a complete box set of V.C. Andrews novels. It's an animated Nathaniel & Isabel movie, and they both happily agree to watch it that evening. Uh oh. I smell trouble, and it's not just because this is the third time I've watched this episode.

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