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Can anybody find them somebody to love?

Or maybe that was Arthur I smelled, as he sneaks up on Ruth in the Fortress's laundry room. "I thought I'd find you here," he says, in the Arthur version of a pick-up line. "You certainly do keep to a schedule." He moves in to try a little nuzzling, but Ruth doesn't want to play. Noticing that she's doing her whites, Arthur asks if it would be okay if he threw in a few things of his own. "I have some kerchiefs and undershirts to do," he says. "Some people call them 'wife-beaters,' which I think is rather funny." "There's nothing funny about beating your wife," replies Ruth. Hee! "Perhaps you'd prefer it if our laundry didn't mix anymore," he wonders. "I don't care what our laundry does," snaps Ruth, as she turns and walks away. Buh-bye, Arthur. You had germs. You deserved to die.

LAC Arts. Russell returns to Olivier's empty classroom to find Claire waiting there alone for him. "I figured you had to come back and get your stuff," she explains, without ever stopping to think that actually going after him might have been a good idea. "Claire, I need to tell you something," he says, taking her hand. "The words every woman longs to hear," she replies. "Well, that and 'Marry me, Lauren,' of course." Russell pulls up a chair, and gathers his courage before the big reveal. "I fooled around with Olivier," he confesses, to the surprise of absolutely no one except for Claire. "That day you went to Azusa." Claire is obviously infuriated by this news, especially because he specifically lied to her about it on that very day. "Russell, I trusted you!" she shouts. "You told me I didn't have to be careful, that I could feel safe with you." Note the emphasis on the word "safe" here, incidentally, and all the condom-free connotations it implies.

"So, what? You really are gay?" she asks. "No, of course not," he answers. "I think I might be bi, but I'm not sure. I'm just really fucking confused." Oy. Remember what I said about break-up scenes last week? Yeah. That applies here, too. "You sure didn't seem confused every time we fucked!" she yells. "Or every time you told me you loved me, which I was stupid enough to believe." Oh, but you can believe me, Lauren. "I do love you!" he screams. "And nothing says that better than sucking your professor's dick!" comes the snappy retort. Heh. She starts questioning him about the details of the incident, and Russell's whole defense seems to be predicated on the fact that he was really confused. And high. And also confused again. Nowhere is there any indication whatsoever that the sex was non-consensual, and in fact it appears pretty clear to me that Russell had been contemplating the idea long before it ever happened. That's been a hot topic in the forums of late, but my question is why the people who think Olivier molested Russell aren't equally enraged by the fact that Ruth tried to sleep with an employee with an even larger difference in ages. Why is one cute and the other rape? Russell begs for forgiveness, but gets nothing more than a particularly virulent "Fuck you!" for his troubles. Claire storms out of the room, demanding that he never call her again, and this time she definitely manages to slam the classroom door. Buh-bye, Russell. You had grease. You deserved to die.

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