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While everyone else's relationships are falling apart, Nate takes Maya for a quick stroll in the park. Because he's Nate, he immediately runs into a random guy who just happens to have a few subtextual anvils in his pocket. The guy is divorced, and he uses his two days a week with his baby to cruise the park for cute single mothers. He's doing pretty well at it, might I add, which causes Nate to give a little smile as he sits down on a bench to call Lisa. He dials his cell phone and then holds it up to his ear in an ominous brain shot, so you just know something bad is about to happen. When Lisa answers, we see that she's sitting on the hood of her car, gazing at the ocean somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway. They chat for a few seconds about the beauty of the ocean and the activities of baby Maya, who is cutely "preoccupied watching a squirrel at the moment," and then the connection starts to go all static-y. "Lisa, I'm losing you," says Nate, as Maya turns her gaze to the fiery anvils raining down from the heavens. Eventually he hangs up the phone, and then scores the cutest baby moment of the entire episode. "You know what's more beautiful than the ocean?" he asks his daughter. "You." Maya (as played by the Tosh twins, who finally scored a listing in the end credits this week) out-acts half the kids on network TV by giggling in embarrassment and hiding her giant head behind her arm. Aww. It's almost enough to make me want one of my own. I said "almost."

Aunt Jeanie's funeral. David and Keith stand off to one side, gazing out at the Kharles family's collection of cemetery plots. Keith isn't sure if he wants to be buried with the rest of his family, and David thinks it would be nice if the two of them could be buried next to each other someday. You know, coming from anyone else, that would pretty much scream "incredibly desperate serial killer," but David manages to make it sound sort of sweet. Taylor wanders over to invite them back to the parents' house, and Keith takes a moment to ask a few very thinly veiled questions about whether Kersh is ever "mean" to her. "Grandma thinks Grandpa spoils me," she answers, "but I like it. He built me a bunk bed just because I asked him to. Even though I'm just one person, I get to sleep on the top or the bottom whenever I want." She also reports that Kersh was so excited that Keith was visiting that he went out and bought steaks, because he knew they were Keith's favorite. Sadly, that's the last thing we'll be hearing from Taylor for a while, because she doesn't get to make any more appearances in this episode. Oh, well. Buh-bye, Taylor! Come back soon, okay? You're way cooler than Russell or Arthur! Keith announces to David that he thinks he should have a talk with Kersh later that evening, which is a decision that David supports wholeheartedly. And then Keith even takes David's hand as they walk back over to the rest of the family. Aww. It's almost enough to make you think these two crazy kids might work things out. I said "almost."

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