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Dead and Buried

David's back at home with Keith and the kids, saying a long-winded grace. He thanks God "for the love we feel for each other, even when it's hard. Especially when it's hard." David, the kids are right there. "And finally," he continues, "for these two boys, who came into our lives and made us a family. And who have given us a home every bit as much as we have them. Amen." Everyone says amen, and even Durrell looks like he means it. And not just because he's hungry.

Brenda sleeps in her bed, but even then Late Nate Jr. won't leave her alone, spooning up and whispering in her ear, "She can't breathe. She can't get any oxygen to her brain." Well, of course not; look at her parents. Brenda dashes to the crib and looks down at Willa, who's awake but quiet, flailing gently. "Why can't you love her?" she says to the shirtless Nate standing on his milk crate behind her. "Because she's damaged," Nate spits, "and nobody will ever be able to fix her. Ever." Oh, whatever. Sounds like Nate's ideal woman.

Keith and David are having a much better night, going by their snuggly, shirtless (at least) pose in their bed. Keith says he talked to his accountant today, and announces that the two of them can afford buy Rico out. David says he can't let Keith do that: "That money is yours." "That money is ours," Keith says. "For our new house. I don't know if you've realized, but that house you grew up in is a great fucking house." David wonders if Keith doesn't find it depressing. David's been to our forums. Keith says it doesn't have to be, which means yes. "I think we could make it into something pretty spectacular." After buying Rico out? How much was the Pasqueasel paying Keith, anyway? David loves the idea, and he loves him some Keith.

Maggie's sitting in a waiting room at a doctor's office. There was all sorts of speculation as to whether this means she's pregnant, but we already know that her job is as a pharmaceutical rep. The nurse says the doctor will see her, and just as she gets up to go in, her cell phone rings. She answers, and it's Ruth, with a question about Nate: "Was he happy?" Maggie starts hedging about how Nate was feeling like his life was complicated, but Ruth means that night. "He was," Maggie says. Ruth closes her eyes in relief, and asks if Maggie was. Nearly crying herself, Maggie says she was. Ruth thanks her and says it helps. Maggie says she's sorry, and she has to go, I guess because she's made everyone in the room wait for her long enough. She snaps her cell phone shut. Ruth cries happily. This would have been a better turning point, had it given her the wherewithal to turn George down, but she had to talk to George about it before she was motivated to call Maggie. Kind of a chicken-egg thing, I suppose.

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