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Dead and Buried

Exterior shot of the funeral home, now with the realtor's sign gone. Keith and David, the former in a suit and tie while David is in shirtsleeves, make their pitch to Brenda. Nervously, they offer to buy Brenda out and pay her back as soon as they can. "Okay," Brenda says agreeably. David looks surprised, because he doesn't realize there are only twenty minutes left in the whole series. Brenda explains that Pa Chenowith left her "a ton of money," and Nate had life insurance, "believe it or not," so the guys can take their time. David thanks her. "Come on, we're family," Brenda says. David and Keith agree, because what else are they gonna do?

Brenda starts to head out, when she's waylaid by Ruth, coming down the stairs. Ruth asks about the baby, and Brenda cheerfully digs in her purse for new pictures. She hands them over, and Ruth sits at the bottom of the stairs to shuffle through them. But Ruth actually gets stuck on the first one. "Look at those eyes," she says wonderingly. Brenda, suddenly worried, asks if Ruth sees something wrong, and sits down next to her. "It just seems like she sees more than we do," Ruth clarifies. "Like she's a very old soul." Wow, even people in Ruth's demographic talk like that in California sometimes. Brenda takes the photo and examines it, like she's wondering why that never showed up on an ultrasound. Ruth realizes that Brenda's still worried about Willa. Brenda admits that every doctor visit goes fine, "but I can't shake the feeling that something's going to go wrong." What you need to shake, Brenda, is that hairy ghost that keeps showing up. Ruth says, "If my experience is anything to go by, motherhood is the loneliest thing in the world." As Brenda looks at Ruth wonderingly, she explains that Late Nate, Sr. was still in Vietnam when Late Nate, Jr. was born, and was barely there when David came along. Brenda begins, "You know Nate and I were…" Ruth knows, and says, "I know he loved you the very best he could. And I know you needed more. So did I." She says she wants Brenda to "put everything behind us and let me help you, because I know you're going to need it." Brenda thanks Ruth for the first time, and tearily admits she does need help.

And how will Diaz & Diaz react to the buyout? Well, now there's an escrow sign outside the funeral home that Rico and Vanessa are buying, and they're at home, having a celebratory dinner with the kids. The Federiquitos aren't sure they want to move, until they hear they might have their own rooms. Vanessa and Rico clink their champagne glasses and toast to the future. "Yes, baby," Vanessa agrees. I guess she's really forgiven him, now that she gets to wear her hubba-hubba funeral dress every day. Just try not to cheat with any more strippers, Rico.

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