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Dead and Buried

Claire walks across the Fisher kitchen to the fridge and opens it up, giving us a nice view of the photo of Willa stuck to the door. She hears Ruth crying in the living room, and goes out to find her looking through old photo albums. Claire puts down her water bottle and sits next to Ruth, who's saying, "I don't know why I keep looking at these. It certainly doesn't make me feel any better." She closes the album and puts it aside, giving Claire a free path to hug her. Ruth doesn't return the gesture. "I'd give anything if I could make things different for you," Claire says. Even your fancy new job? Well, actually, yeah. "I don't think I'm gonna go to New York," Claire says, shaking her head like, please say no please say no please say no. Ruth's amazed that Claire would do that. She hugs her daughter back and emotionally but firmly says, "Absolutely not. Go. Live. I'll unfreeze your trust fund. Take it and find whatever life has in store for you." Now it's Claire's turn to get weepy, because, money! Claire asks if she'll still move in with George, and Ruth says she's moving in with Sarah. Claire asks if Sarah's back from Costa Rica. Ruth says Bettina's house-sitting, but Ruth's moving in anyway. "If Sarah doesn't like it, it's too fucking bad." Something tells me Bettina won't be asked to housesit again. Claire again offers to wait, but Ruth says she's always regretted staying home to take care of her legless grandmother. Ruth says she doesn't regret her kids or Late Nate, Sr., but she regrets never giving herself a choice. "I won't let you make the same mistake," she tells Claire forcefully. More crying. More hugging.

Brenda wakes up, alone in bed this time. She calls for Maya. There's no answer. Brenda gets up and walks down the hall to Maya's room and looks at the sleeping hump next to the spinning night light, and proceeds to the living room, where Willa's crib is now. Late Nate is holding Willa next to the crib, next to his father, saying that Willa's beautiful. Late Nate, Sr. looks up and tells Brenda, "Hi. We've never met. I'm Nathaniel." Nate carries Willa over to Nate and says, "I love her so much. And I always will." Brenda smiles and takes the baby before another edit leaves Willa held by nobody and plummeting to the floor. Nate gives Brenda a significant look, and leans over Willa for a kiss. Whatever. I don't buy the theory that Brenda is "more open" to Nate's feelings when she's asleep, because he woke her up earlier in the episode. I think she's just finally realized that Willa is going to be okay. And so is she, now that Ruth has offered to help. Some more. I don't see why she had to drag Nate into it.

Just then, Willa gives a little squawk. Brenda wakes up again, and looks down at Willa lying next to her, unaware of the danger she's in from getting squished. Babies in their little baby hats, dude. So cute. Sometimes I kind of miss when M. Small had to wear a hat all the time. But now his favorite word is "Dad," so it's a good tradeoff. Fade to white.

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