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Dead and Buried

A bit later, Claire's listening to the rest of her messages, the next of which is from Ted, explaining why he took her keys. "Yeah, the world is fucked up, but ending up in a wheelchair isn't gonna make it any better. You're too smart. You're too good. Don't waste that." Beep. And the next message is Ted again, realizing that he just turned into his father. Which is funny, because that's totally been an ongoing theme with him. Nice payoff. Ted says, "This is what you do to me. Call me, please." Totally disarmed, Claire picks up the phone to do just that.

Anthony and Durrell lie awake in their bunk beds, listening to David and Keith arguing down the hall. We can't hear them all that well from the kids' room, so we cut to the dads' room as David packs while yelling at Keith for ditching him. Keith insists it's for "us," meaning them and the kids. "You never even wanted those kids," David says. "You are using this as an excuse to dump me, which you've wanted to do ever since Anthony and Durrell came here!" Nice of David to yell this last bit loud enough for Anthony and Durrell to hear. Keith gets up off the bed and literally subdues David physically, saying, "David, I love you, but I am those boys' father and right now I have to take care of them because you can't." David cries and complains about his medication not working, then turns to sob into Keith's shoulder.

A doctor is giving Brenda and Ruth an update on the new baby; basically, she's breathing. And that's with the help of a ventilator. A freakishly pale Brenda says she wants to see Willa, with a predictable level of drama-queening ("She's my baby! You can't keep her from me!"), and the doctor assures Brenda that they'll let her in to see her daughter as soon as Willa's ready. He leaves, and Brenda starts crying. Ruth assures her that Willa will get through it and be home with Brenda soon. Brenda clasps Ruth's hands like a drowning woman. "And Maya's going to be home with you too," Ruth adds, like she's doing Brenda a huge favor by letting her take Maya home. Mighty big of her. Brenda nods gratefully, and now Ruth looks wrecked as well.

Claire and Ted are hanging out in his place, naked. Although of course it's only Ted's ass that we see. His apartment is decorated in Late Bachelor, specifically from the Cleaning Woman period. They banter, as they do, and she wonders what she's doing "Eating fruit salad in bed with a naked frat boy who voted for George Bush. And listening to what sounds suspiciously like Christian music?" Ted confirms it, and explains that if he likes something he hears on the radio, he buys the CD. Claire, alarmed, says he's the "most deeply un-hip person I've ever met." Ted takes that as a compliment. Since the subject of Christianity has come up, Claire figures this is a good time to tell him she had an abortion. Ted says it's okay, since he sort of paid for one. "Well, I didn't really pay for it," he clarifies. "I still have to send her the check." Claire realizes he's joking. After a brief laugh, she changes the subject to her angst. She still wants to be an artist, but she's scared she's not good enough. "So get better," Ted suggests. She doesn't want to go back to school. "Just take pictures," Ted said. "If you're good enough, you'll find out. If you're not, you'll get good enough, or you'll find out you can't." I wonder if that's how he became a lawyer. Claire jokingly says she should take naked pictures of Ted. Ted agrees, but makes her promise not to post them on the internet. "I might want to run for public office someday," he explains. She asks if he's serious. "Aren't you?" he responds.

Cut to a musical montage of Ted posing naked to Christian rock (oh, Alan, you little scamp, you), looking all goofy and self-conscious while Claire snaps away with the digital camera Billy bought her. Because you don't bring that kind of film to the photomat, and it's not like she could use Billy's darkroom for these.

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