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Dead and Buried

Up in the kitchen, David takes his microwave dinner out of the nuke box, excitedly telling Ruth about his decision. She doesn't seem to care one way or another. "We've all been clutching so desperately to the past, and for what?" "Because that's when there was hope," Ruth says softly. David looks up at her at that, and seems to notice her outfit for the first time: a brown cardigan over her powder-blue terry cloth bathrobe, and a straw gardening hat. It's a look that makes a powerful fashion statement, and that statement is, "After careful consideration, I have decided to run mad." She happens to glance over at the gap between the refrigerator and the wall, and notices something lodged in there. She immediately dives at it, falls to her knees, and sets about trying to pull it out while David sits in his chair and watches in pity and confusion. Claire comes in to say she's going over to Ted's tonight. "Take a sweater," Ruth sobs from the floor. Claire asks David what she's doing, but David has no idea. Ruth finally frees a small, brown stuffed animal from behind the fridge and weeps loudly, still crouched on the floor. Her children just watch as she says, "[Maya] loves this monkey. I have to wash it." She slumps out of the room, petting it furiously. This is what family's for. At moments like this, when times get hard, you can always count on them to stare at you like a sideshow freak. Fade to white.

Exterior shot of the funeral home, with a realtor's sign reading "IN ESCROW" Which is why it's a little weird that Keith and David are at the natural history museum. They walk among the dinosaur skeletons, excitedly talking about what they can do with David's share and Keith's savings -- namely, buy a house and, Keith adds, send David back to school to become a lawyer like he always wanted. David says, "I don't think I ever wanted to be a lawyer. I think I just wanted to have sex with Harry Hamlin." But he's all excited about getting a house with a yard and a dog and a tire swing. "Those boys don't want a tire swing," Keith says. "They want a TV the size of a wall." They agree that David will be ready to come home soon. Keith squeezes David's arm and goes off to find the kids. David turns to follow, and of course sees a person with a red hoodie on the far side of the exhibit hall. Then the wearer pulls the hood down and reveals himself to be a young, tall, blonde woman. Rico should totally start wearing one of those hoodies around the funeral home all the time.

David catches up with his family looking into a display case outside the museum's theater, so they can hear the sound of prehistoric animal growling. Anthony points out a fossilized wolf brain that "looks like poop," and David pronounces it "Cool." Durrell snaps that it's not, and David saying it is makes it even less so. Durrell stomps off. Looks like someone's still mad at David for leaving. Or he's pissed about the cheapening of the concept of cool, which is only going to get worse as he enters high school and college. Pace yourself, Durrell.

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