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Over at Brenda's house, she's doing something incredibly reckless; she's letting Olivier hold Willa. Ma Chenowith laughs at the French lullaby Olivier just sang to the baby, and Olivier defensively goes, "So?" Billy, stalking the bookcase next to Olivier's chair, answers, "So? So, it has to be analyzed and diagnosed and turned into an example of some kind of pathology. I mean, this is the Chenowith family." Olivier steals my line when he tells Willa, "That's what you were born into. I'm sorry." Like I'm sure that French he just sang to her isn't something completely violent or filthy.

Outside, Claire, Ted, Ruth, and Ted's goofy striped polo shirt mount the steps to the front porch. Ruth balks when she realizes Brenda's "having guests," and heads back to wait in the car. Ted chases her down the steps and assures her that Maya will be happy to see her monkey. "And to see you," he adds, before Ruth hands him the stuffed animal and continues on her way. Claire knocks, which means that Billy is contractually obligated to answer, wearing his "What Would Jesus Bomb?" T-shirt. Awkwardness ensues. Billy invites everyone in, politely calling Ruth "Mrs. Fisher." Ted introduces himself, and Claire introduces her ex as "Billy. Brenda's brother." Ted says Billy's name, and Billy says Ted's back with ten times more meaning than a lesser actor would be able to infuse into that one syllable. They say it's nice to meet each other as Billy closes the door, scratching his head.

A little later, Ruth and Maya laugh happily over Maya and the monkey she's been reunited with. Claire watches from the archway to the dining room. Olivier and his light-blue sweater come up and ask about her impending move to New York. Claire downplays the deal with her new job: "It's just a lame gofer job, like I used to do for you." Olivier disagrees: "You could easily go on to become a soulless advertising photographer. And with your gifts, I'm sure you will." Claire stands there trying to figure out if she just got insulted or complimented, until Oliver rescues her by saying he was the one who recommended her. Claire's incredulous, but Olivier insists that he believes in her. Claire thanks Olivier effusively, which of course embarrasses him into saying she just popped into his mind after seeing her at the art show. And he didn't recommend Russell?

Ma Chenowith, meanwhile, has had enough of watching Maya and Ruth bond, so she comes over with her replacement for the monkey; a stuffed okapi, to be exact. As Ma explains, "The okapi is the only known living relative of the giraffe. Its young really don't seem to imprint on the mother, so they nurse from any available lactating female. We just went to the zoo this week." Ruth, not feeling like playing, gets up and leaves Maya with her other grandmother and her new okapi. And just in case you didn't get it, Ma Chenowith dumps the monkey off the chair and onto the floor. Insecure much, Ma?

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