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Dead and Buried

Ted's giving a fascinated Billy a capsule recap of his relationship thus far with Claire: "We really didn't hit it off at first." Billy huhs. Ted explains that he was there when Claire heard about Nate, so he spent the night in the hospital. Billy huhs again. "You know, that's how my sister met her brother. The night his father died." Ted nervously jokes that it runs in the family. Billy just looks at him seriously and takes him by the beer hand, saying, "I am so…jealous of you." Ted carefully extricates his beer and himself. If it weren't for the beer, I'd probably just leave the hand.

Brenda and Ruth stand over Willa's crib in the master bedroom, as the adorable little baby stares up at them and wiggles randomly. It's a low-angle shot looking up at the two women just over the crib rail. They agree that she looks stronger, and of course Late Nate, Jr. appears behind them, standing on a milk crate so he can be in the shot and saying, "No she's not, she's barely moving." Brenda says Willa's calm. Nate thinks Willa's blind. Brenda softly talks up how well Willa's doing, especially in the area of appetite. Nate says that's because Willa knows she doesn't have much time: "She wants to get it while she can." Shut up, Nate. Brenda looks like she really wants to convince herself that everything's okay.

Late at night, David sleeps in his bedroom at the funeral home. A shadow passes over him, and he finds himself lying on a slab in the Body Shop, shirtless and wearing pajama bottoms. He sits up and spots Late Nate, Sr. lurking in a corner and smoking, accusing David of selling his legacy. "Yeah, and good riddance," David confirms. Late Nate agrees that David never had it in him, which David throws right back at his father in the form of Late Nate's "secret room over a really bad Indian restaurant." Late Nate says David's secret room is being gay, and cackles madly. "Fuck you," David says, and now Late Nate gets mad. "Who do you think you are?" Late Nate hisses, and starts walking along the far wall. David's slab swivels creepily as his father moves, so he's constantly facing him. "You think you can just walk away from this? Are you really that stupid?" At this point, Late Nate is standing in front of what looks like an elevator cage set into the wall. "It only gets closer, David," he says, and now the caged alcove is bathed in red light, and occupied by a figure in a red sweatshirt, the hood pulled down over its face. Maybe it's Rico? And then the grate slides open, it's not caged off any more. The figure steps menacingly out of the cage, making more of those prehistoric animal noises from the natural history museum as David shrinks back and fearfully says, "You don't exist." The sweatshirt's hood is an empty black hole as the figure leaps up onto the slab and slashes at David with a huge knife. David scrambles off and cowers in a corner, feeling the blood on his chest in Saving Private Ryan-vision as the jungle drums play. The figure comes closer to David, and finally shows its teeth. Actually, the face is literally nothing but teeth, a set of saber-toothed mandibles snarling furiously. David gathers his courage and leaps at it. He knocks it off the slab, retrieves the knife it dropped, and makes to stab the figure in the chest. But the face looking back at him now from under the red hood is his own, and it's terrified. David drops the knife and hugs himself, wishing he'd gone to a Wizard of Oz museum or something.

And then wakes up back in his bed, where he sits up and sees his brother sitting there smiling at him. And then Nate isn't there. BUT THERE'S STILL BLOOD ON DAVID'S CHEST! No, actually there isn't. That would be even goofier than what we just saw. Fade to white.

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