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Death be not proud

Also, here's another cut due to time constraints: I was planning to compose an Ode To David's Self-Esteem here, but now I can't. Oh, all right. It's actually not so much due to time constraints as just my not knowing what an ode is. I mean, are there rules for an ode? Does it rhyme? Is it in iambic pentameter? Who knows? So instead, you get what I personally consider to be the ultimate form of rigidly defined poetic expression: the limerick.

Once when the Greedy Nazi tried to tamper
David almost made him wet his Pampers
He threatened him with a fate
Worse than that of Late Nate
This would have been better had it been written by Camper

On the other hand, to make up for all these cuts, I've included some special bonus content this week. And let me tell ya, it's FAQalicious!

Back to the Formaldehyde Fortress. Ruth opens the door to find Brenda, who offers her a gift of "fancy bath stuff" from Claire's Bitch, Body & Beyond. "I'm afraid you might not have seen me in my best light last night," she says, and after filming all day, I get sidetracked wondering just what the best way to light that scene would have been. I've never done porn before. You're shocked. I know. Ruth answers that she "saw more of [her] than [she] cared too." Heh. Brenda tries to explain her relationship with Nate, and says she thinks things could work out for the two of them. She apologizes again, and turns to leave. "Be careful with him," Ruth sighs. "He's a lot more fragile than he'd like to think." "Aren't we all," replies Brenda as she walks away. She also gives a little head bob there at the end to still make us think that maybe she knew The Late Nate and was flustered talking to his wife. Looks like Alan Ball is keeping his options open.

Inside, Powerful asks Rico to gather the Fishers together in the main room. They all come in, and Mrs. Bolin invites them to join a prayer circle. Powerful asks God to bring rest and peace to Paco (who is standing in the circle as well). He also makes sure to use Paco's full name for the sake of his mother, and then what was a nice, touching scene goes completely off the rails as Powerful starts crying and thanking the Fishers for overcoming their own grief to help out. Yeah, whatever. Like this guy would give two craps about the people who embalmed his friend. Anyway, the gang members all carry the casket out while David and Paco watch, hand in hand. "Jesus, you're just a kid," says David, but Paco reminds him that he is too. And as the casket is carried away, Manuel Pedro "Paco" Antonio Bolin gives his final piece of advice: "Don't be a bitch." Fade to white, and RIP Paco. You were fat-ass.

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