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Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Keith watches some television show or music video or something that has girls with titties. David walks over and turns it off, and Keith asks, "Are you trying to pick a fight with me?" David says that maybe he is, and says that he's not really "digesting" the whole Celeste thing. Keith fires back "Take a Tums, then," which is possibly the worst line ever featured on this show, and David goes for the jugular: "I fucked Sarge." The intensity of that line is tampered somewhat by Keith's reply: "Who?" David reminds him: "The veiny guy from La Habra." David says that he only did it because he knows he can do it without its meaning anything, and Keith tries for free sex and reconciliation when he explains, "I wouldn't do it if it meant anything because I love you." Keith tells him, "I fucked Celeste. You fucked veiny guy from La Habra. Tit for tat. We're even." And then, the line that makes this subplot almost worth it: "You don't get to say the word 'tit' to me, ever." David goes upstairs and says he's taking a shower, and Keith calls after him, "Yeah, well, don't blow anybody while you're in there."

Claire lies in bed and whispers, "Oh, my God," because she had an orgasm. The Matthew Barney Of LAC Arts tells her that the technique he used has a name, and that it's "grinding the corn." In Colonial times it was called "grinding the maize."

Brenda sits in a yogic position of some kind on her floor, and responds to a knock on the door. It's Nate, and he has Maya. He had a dream and she had no sex with a stranger, and now they're all very healed.

"Is he going to be okay?" Ruth asks. Her horse has been downed for some reason, and she walks slowly away from it as a strange Mexican man takes a gun from somewhere behind his back. Ruth's about an inch away when the gun goes off. Dude. Wait until the tourists are off the beach, for crying out loud. Ruth tells Bettina, "I think I'd like to go home now." They shoot metaphors, don't they?

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