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Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Anyone for sex with Brenda? Everyone for sex with Brenda! Nate shows up because it beats working, and their time on the sex bed abruptly ends with Brenda's declaration, "God, I love you." Nate keeps going for a second in hopes she's talking about the actual deity and her feelings of passion for His word, because you know about people in recovery and the whole "higher power" hoodoo. But she means "god" as an exclamation and Nate as a lover, but instead he chooses "fighter" and God chooses, "Y'all, I'll be over here, hoping my name is getting left out of this shit from now on." Nate rolls off Brenda, because evil anti-heroine Pussy Per Se found the one thing that makes her power utterly! She asks Nate, "What, you can't handle that?" He tells her, "You're right. I can't handle this right now." But they can still be friends, right? They lie in silence for a while, Brenda breaking it by asking, "I need to know what you feel for me, Nate," because that is just so LIKE a woman. Nate tries the excuse that he spent a year grieving, which is a burden he really shouldered in silence, because, man, I hardly even noticed. Brenda notes, "But you want me to be available for sex," and Nate cuts her off with a shouted, "I don't want anything, okay? It's just too fucking intense for me now. I have a daughter." Brenda tells him that it's "lame" to use that as an excuse, but Nate's already getting dressed and marching out the door. She tries to tell him, "I could be part..." but he cuts her off again with the somewhat final "No, you couldn't." He tries to apologize, but she insists that he just "go," and he leaves the room without his shirt on. Don't worry, Nate. The newspaper that runs the "Angry Monkey Escapes From Chenowith House; Wearing Pants, Terrified Residents Report" story will totally run a little correction later.

While the former Lawrence Tuttle sleeps the sleep of permanence (that's where he's a Viking! And I'll bet he had the .wav file and the screensaver to prove it), Rico dials his cell phone in the Fisher basement. Vanessa picks up and Rico tries to sound positive, saying, "Hey, Vanessa, it's me!" She tells him to hold on and puts Julio on the phone, and with forced jollity that would make me feel really bad for him if he hasn't ruined his marriage by fucking a hooker, he tells his son he wasn't done talking to his mother. "She doesn't want to talk to you," Julio says over the phone, and Rico has to respond like his son just said, "Free cotton candy for all!" Which sucks for him as a father. But, again, fucked a hooker, so. Julio asks when Rico is coming home and tells him he loves him, an emotion which will last exactly as long as Vanessa can hold out before she can work the sentence "You wanna know what your papi did wrong?" into a conversation in the very near future.

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