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As if that's not enough talk about thinness, George is happily shopping for produce, and he notices that the apples are from Chile. See, even Chile is skinny. He comments to a young mother standing nearby with her baby in a Snugli® about the variety of fruit, and what a beautiful day it is. "I thought you've been feeling a little off lately," comes the response, and when George looks up again, the young mother has been replaced by his own. She's a lot less blowsy than she was when last we saw her, but it's her. She says to George, "Maybe it's because fifty-one years ago today you let me die." George raises his hands to his head in horror and drops his apples. The young mother asks if he's okay. George just keeps saying no and leaves her standing there among his rolling fruit.

The Pasqueasel is holding court in his living room when Keith and David enter. The Pasqueasel introduces his two pretty-boy friends, Hal and Critter. Yes, he said "Critter." "We're being bad," the Pasqueasel mock-confesses, and indeed the three of them are drinking frozen daiquiris out of martini glasses. I think the proper way to serve those is in glasses you brought home from a cruise. The Pasqueasel offers the would-be dads a drink, and they exchange a glance before David politely declines, citing "the meeting tomorrow." The Pasqueasel tells his boy-toys that Keith and David are going to be fathers, and they whoop their congratulations. David says he just wanted to have a copy of the Pasqueasel's letter, and the Pasqueasel hops up to get it. "Signed, witnessed, notarized, cauterized, circumcised..." he babbles on his way out of the room. He's more entertaining with a few daiquiris in him, but then, who isn't? Keith makes small talk with the himbos until finally the Pasqueasel comes back with a manila envelope. "Hal is gonna be huge," he announces. Ah, so they're still in that stage of the relationship. David accepts the envelope and begins inspecting the contents. The Pasqueasel's kind of hurt: "David, it's been months. I've been well-behaved, I employ your husband, I think I've proved I'm not Satan." David agrees, "Pretty much." The Pasqueasel raises his glass: "Here's to children. May they be wanted and loved just as they are. Anything less is hell, as we all know." And bottoms up. Which is not as dirty as it could be in a room with five gay men in it. Too bad it's the last season so we can't watch David and Keith father and try to love a redneck homophobe just as he is.

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