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In a dilapidated part of town, Keith and his partner are responding to a domestic violence call. Yay! Keith's Partner! Of course, he still doesn't get a name (even the credits call him "Keith's Partner"), but we all love him anyway. And surprisingly, he's not eating anything this time. The woman of the house answers the door to say that everything is fine, but with her angry husband roaming around in the background, she also silently begs them to stay. Keith and Keith's Partner step into the house, much to the displeasure of the husband, whom I've decided to call Dennis because his hair reminds me of something Dennis Rodman might do. Dennis starts screaming and yelling that they can't come in without a warrant, and despite the fact that Keith manages to remain relatively kalm throughout, things quickly begin to escalate. And since we all know what happens when Angry Keith comes out, I don't think I need to tell you that a fistfight is imminent. In fairness, Dennis did start said fight, but it's certainly Keith who finishes it, and he does so by repeatedly bouncing Dennis's head off the living room floor. Keith's partner finally has to run over and pull him off the guy, and now it's starting to look like Keith might actually be headed to Oz after all. ["And they called for [him] out of the prison house; and he made them sport." -- Judges 16:25] Heh. "Sport."

Back at the Fortress, the funeral is still in progress. Rico joins Dr. Dildo at the coffin, and there seems to have been at least some degree of reconciliation between them while we were away. Dr. Dildo puts a set of rosary beads into the coffin, explaining that his mother gave them to him when he was a little boy, and then Rico asks for permission to put in some pictures of his kids, who called her "abuelita." Aww. Man, even the Diaz kids are cool this week. Hell, if they can redeem Rico this quickly, I can't wait to see what they have in store for Brenda.

Over at the school, Claire has stopped by Counselor George's office, but before she can open the door, she sees through the window that he's crying. So instead of saying goodbye, she just silently places a framed picture of herself by the door, presumably so that he can replace the fake one of "Jenny" that used to be on his desk. And then she leaves, without even knocking. Farewell, George Gavemestress. Yours was the only relationship with Lauren that was even creepier than my own, and I totally respected you for it.

And now for the final flashback. Young Rico rides up to the Fortress on his skateboard, and finds The Late Nate cutting the grass in the front yard. I know I've been stretching for shout-outs this entire episode, but I really and truly did used to have that exact same model of lawnmower. I just thought you should know. Rico quickly offers to help out, and then thanks The Late Nate profusely for the job he did restoring the Posthumous Padre. And if my dead father nickname list wasn't already overtaxed, The Late Nate then starts reminiscing about his own dearly departed dad, The Really Late Nate. It's all very sweet and touching, and almost enough to make me not notice that the giant FedEx truck in the background is bearing a logo that wasn't adopted until three years after this flashback is supposed to take place. You can't really blame them for that one, though, as it passes by right in the middle of a great take, and it's the sort of thing that only detail-obsessed TiVo addicts like myself would ever notice. Rico hesitantly offers to help out around the Fortress, or even take a part-time job, and The Late Nate agrees to keep him in mind.

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