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In Das Sargzimmer, The Late Nate is handling an intake, only the bereaved customers are Rico and his mother. We know it's a few years earlier mainly because of the huge bearclaw hairdo that Rico is sporting as he relates the events of his father's death. Apparently The Posthumous Padre was doing some work on the roof of their house, when he slipped and fell face-first into a pile of bricks. Wow. The Diaz family certainly has bad luck when it comes to home repair, don't you think? "You're going to freak when you see him," says Young Rico, making it clear that his father's face was severely damaged by the fall. "I'll be okay," replies the Late Nate. He watches tenderly as Young Rico begins to sob, and as we return to the present, we slowly fade to white.

Loud & Taylor. David is leaning on the sofa, desperately trying to repair one of Taylor's braids, and essentially failing miserably. I'm surprised he doesn't just give up. ["Having put [her] to sleep on [his] lap, [he] called a man to shave off the seven braids of [her] hair." -- Judges 16:19] Keith, meanwhile, is frantically running around the apartment, trying to cleanse it of anything "gay" in anticipation of the social worker's visit. First he freaks about Esquire's Guide To Style, and then he tells Taylor to hide her copy of The Wiz. "Oh, right," snarks David. "Like watching The Wiz is going to turn her into a lesbian." Well, probably not, but it could very well cause her to puncture both her eyes and eardrums with a sharp instrument, so Keith's concern is probably for the best. Taylor just giggles at their playful bickering, but the real laughs come when Keith points out a photo of a naked ass hanging on the wall. "Okay, that's pretty gay," says David. Heh! For the record, this entire scene was done in one take, which makes its near perfect comic timing all the more impressive.

In spite of her Felicity-related complaints earlier in the episode, it apparently takes Claire less time than Taylor to do her hair in the morning, because she's already arrived at school. She goes to visit George Hisofficeisamess, whose office is, well, a mess. There are boxes all over the place, and a few gifts resting on the desk, but Claire is completely oblivious. She just gushes about how happy she is to be going off to art school, and how she's finally found something she really wants to do. George listens politely but sadly, and seems genuinely hurt when he learns that he can't even write her a letter of recommendation, simply because he's not a famous artist or a raving psychopath with an unnatural tattoo fetish. Finally, Claire looks around, notices all the boxes, and lamely asks, "Is it your birthday or something?" George Lacksanyfinesse explains that the gifts are from students he worked with over the years, and that he's lost his job due to budget cutbacks. Despite the fact that Claire is graduating in a matter of days, and thus wouldn't be seeing him around school anymore anyway, she's devastated by the news. An important phone call interrupts their touching goodbyes, and Claire backs slowly out of his office, feeling abandoned.

The Ironic Segue Fairy cuts us from abandonment to the renewal of a relationship as we watch Zhora practice reading her vows for her upcoming "commitment ceremony" with Pa Chenowith. Then we pan over to reveal Brenda, splayed out on the couch and looking even more apathetic than usual. I also think she might be wearing the same sweatshirt David had on a few scenes back, but that's a different story. Ma explains the reasoning behind the ceremony, which is that she and Bernard "have a lot of work to do, but [they] need to do it together." Then she asks her daughter if she knows what a "soul twin" is, causing Brenda to give the biggest eye-roll I've ever seen. "Soulmates aren't enough?" she asks. "I have to have a 'soul twin' now? Oh, great. More fucking propaganda." Heh. That's a Sars shout-out if I've ever heard one. Zhora delivers some lengthy New Age psychobabble about "magnets" and "impeding [her] prana" before asking if Brenda and Nate still have that same special connection. When Brenda doesn't answer, Zhora gets an actual maternal look on her face (will wonders never cease?) and leans in to tell her daughter, "If you don't have that feeling, get out. Now." Good God! Is that a shout-out? "God, the ego!" screams Brenda in response. Oh, yeah. That's a definitely a shout-out.

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