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Despite the fact that Claire is wearing the same shirt she had on in the picture-taking scene, it's apparently the next day, because Billy has joined her in the Body Shop to hand over the glowing letter of recommendation he wrote for her. He also agrees to get one of his friends to write a second one, and confirms Claire's idea about using Aunt Sarah's friend Fiona Kleinschmidt (whom she describes as having "de-virginized" her brother) to do the third. Then he picks up one of the pictures she took of herself, saying that it's "really hot." Once again I find myself agreeing with Billy, and I'm not so sure I like that. "You are so…" he says, trailing off. "And I just want to reach over and…but I also want to do nothing, because I want to know you as long as I possibly can without fucking it up, which is like my special superpower." Heh. My special superpower seems to be my inexplicable ability to attract psychotic freaks, so I can certainly sympathize. And in fact this strange shout-out symbiosis continues, as he looks Claire right in the eye and says all the things I myself have longed to say to Lauren Ambrose: "You'll never be able to see yourself the way other people see you. The way I see you. Which is a shame, because you are…I really think you have no idea how beautiful you are." Aww. And she's totally buying it, too. Hell, she'll probably make him some pants now. Don't do it, Claire! He'll only break your heart. Make me pants instead! ["Make sacred garments for your brother Aaron, to give him dignity and honor." -- Exodus 28:2] Billy finally leaves, but not without taking one of her pictures to keep him warm at night. Fade to white.

We fade back up in Flashback Land, as The Late Nate invites Young Rico and his mother in to view the Posthumous Padre's body. As you'd expect, PP has been completely restored, with no sign of the trauma he must have experienced. As he stares at his father's body, Young Rico's face is suffused with a look of utter surprise and awe. He turns back to look at The Late Nate, and millions of viewers across America suppress a sniffle as they realize why young Federico chose the career he did.

The sad music leads us back into the present, where Adult Rico is working the MMDLD's funeral. He's accosted by Dr. Dildo, who demands to know how why it is that Rico is inheriting all of his mother's money when Dr. Dildo doesn't even know who he is. "Maybe you don't know who I am because you didn't speak to her very often," suggests Rico. Dr. Dildo triumphantly replies that he gladly called his mother every other Sunday, but Rico already knows this. "We invited her to a barbecue once," he says, "and she said she couldn't come because there was a chance her [Dildocito] might call. Yeah, a chance." And with that, Dr. Dildo is sufficiently shamed enough for the scene to end. It's also a chance for me to call my own mother, so I'll be right back.

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