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It's a Dead Man's Party, Leave Your Body at the Door

Back outside, Claire and The Late Nate go for a little walk. "You know, I miss you and I think about you all the time," Claire tells him. "Right back at you," he says. Aww. "It's so weird that Mom is getting married," she continues. "It's like you're being erased or something. Aren't you pissed off?" "Nah, that's you," he answers, before pointing out that they've finally reached his grave. He disappears, and Claire sits down beside the headstone to think. Fk = 46.

Cut to Nate, lying awake in bed. The phone starts ringing, and he lets it go a few rings before sullenly reaching over to pick it up. Or maybe he just couldn't move his arms there for a minute, because he's been wearing that suit for an eternity now, and it has to be getting a little crusty. At any rate, it's the police calling, and they have some bad news for him. "We've found a body," Nate is told, "and it matches with your wife's dental records." We're not told, however, how she died. Was she murdered? Was it suicide? Do you really care? Fk = 46.

We then sum up the mood of the population at large upon hearing this news by cutting to Rico getting funky on the dance floor. Heh. He's dancing with some random blonde (albeit one significantly less skanky than Nate might have chosen), and they display none of the natural chemistry that Rico and Vanessa had when they went dancing. That's a nice touch. Fk = 46.

Brenda, meanwhile, is out on her date with Joe. She's also talking about herself a lot, which probably isn't the best idea, because nothing says "great first date" like stories about nymphomania, drug addiction, and incest. Trust me. I learned that one the hard way. Brenda tells Joe all about the death Pa Chenowith, and adds that even though she came back to L.A. with the intention of reconnecting with her family, she ended up being more on her own than she's ever been before. "But believe it or not, I'm not lonely," she says, trying to convince herself as much as him. Then she makes yet another first-date faux pas by getting all meta and wondering aloud about whether they're actually on a date here. And while I know that her nervousness is supposed to be a reflection of the fact that Brenda's trying to start over with a new outlook on life, it's still almost enough to make me wonder how she ever managed last season to get all those guys to fuck her in the first place. But then I remembered the giant breasts, and the world made sense once again. Joe tries to calm Brenda down by defiantly stating, "Fuck dating. Dating is stupid." And surprisingly, the subtle reminder of Nate seems to be exactly what she needed. The old Chenowith coyness returns, and she promises to think about whether or not they're on a date and get back to him. Here's a tip, Brenda: You're wearing eyeliner. It's a date. Fk = 47.

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