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It's a Dead Man's Party, Leave Your Body at the Door

The wraparound continues, and we cut back to Nate's bar, where Match Guy is still lighting his matches. "Could you please stop doing that?" grunts Nate, from his perch at the end of the bar. "If you can give me a good enough reason," answers Match Guy. And can you guess what Nate's reason is? "Because it's driving me fucking crazy." Well, I'll bet you got the "fuck" part right, at least. "That's not good enough," snarls Match Guy, and then that really annoying guy leans into the frame and shouts, "Let's get ready to ruuuuuuuuuumble!" Nate staggers off his stool and delivers a pretty decent right cross. And then Match Guy stands back up and we realize that he's a hell of a lot bigger than Nate. Which makes the pummeling that follows pretty easy to understand. Four punches, one kick, and three "fuck"s later, Nate finds himself slumped against the bar, bleeding profusely from a half-dozen cuts on his face. "Come on!" he shouts at Match Guy. "Come on, you fucking dipshit! I can still fucking stand up. Come on and finish what you started!" You know, I can understand the whole death-wish thing, but isn't there a less painful way to go about it? I mean, he's got to have some pretty good drugs left over from the brain surgery. That's got to be simpler than picking a bar fight, right? Right? Fk = 54.

Now of all the patently unbelievable things Ruth has done this season (a list that ranges from shoplifting to trying to sex up Arthur), the one I have the hardest time swallowing is the notion that she would ever get married in a place called The Guadalupe Wedding Chapel. It's just so...not her style. Are we really supposed to believe that's the only place in all of Los Angeles she could find to hold the ceremony? Hell, Father Jack could have done it in the back room of the video store and I'd have believed that more. Regardless, however, Ruth and George exchange their vows while Claire, David, Keith, and Maya watch from the front row. George's vows are all about sharing and constant companionship. Ruth's are all about having fun and being George's personal property. And I'm not making that up. Claire suddenly loses it and starts bawling in the middle of the ceremony, only she's sobbing way harder than just your normal wedding cry. Hmm. Maybe she's got smoke in her eyes. David takes Maya away from her, and the wedding concludes with Ruth and George sharing a fairly deep kiss. Everyone smiles except Maya, and that's only because it's the small-headed Tosh twin this time and she's too busy holding onto Keith's hand like it's the last life-preserver on the Titanic. Oh, and Claire isn't really smiling too much, either. You know, if it weren't for that one scene with the baby monitor back in Episode Two, you could actually say that everyone has cried this season except the baby. And that's just not right. Fk = 54.

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