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It's a Dead Man's Party, Leave Your Body at the Door

Back at the Fortress, Nate is feeding Maya in the kitchen. Ruth comes home carrying some groceries, and whispers a little greeting to the baby as she passes. The tiny wave Maya gives in response was totally edited in from another shot, but it was super-cute nonetheless. Nate here, however, is the opposite of cute. He's the anti-cute. He's a hairy pimple on the ass of cute. He's also been waiting for the opportunity to tell his mother how to run her life. "I've got tell you," he says, "I think you're making a big mistake marrying George." He then goes on to describe Mom's fiancé as a "presumptuous, full-of-himself know-it-all. Plus he's selfish. It's so obvious." Hmm. Sound like anyone we know? And if you said me there, you need to stop reading this recap right now. Ruth defends her betrothed, but Nate insists that George only wants Ruth so that she can take care of him: "He wants you all for himself. He's not even thinking about how much Maya is going to need you." That's code, of course, for how much Nate is actually going to need Ruth. Especially now that he's on such a busy schedule of drinking, insulting the customers, and floozy-fucking. Ruth points out that Maya still has one parent, which is more than a lot of kids have, and also calls Nate out for not coming home the past few nights. "You can't keep expecting us to be there every time you want to check out," she adds. "Well, why the fuck not?" Nate wants to know. "I stuck around when Dad died." He goes off on a rant about how Ruth practically tied him down and forced him to stay, and how his life was so much better back in Seattle where he was stocking produce and throwing Lisa the occasional pity fuck. "I changed everything in my fucking life because of you," he yells. "And maybe, maybe if I hadn't, none of this fucking shit would have happened. And now, when I need you the most, you're not even fucking helping!" Ruth swears that she is trying to help, but while she's "on the shore trying to pull [Nate] out of the water, [he's] strapping on lead boots." Which still wouldn't be enough to overcome the positive buoyancy of his hair, but that's a different story. "I don't know what to do," she finishes. "Watch you self-destruct? I can't do that. I won't do that." "Thanks for fucking everything, Mom!" shouts Nate as he runs out of the room. She turns and throws a box of cereal at him, but it falls harmlessly to the floor as the door swings shut behind him. Then we get an all-time classic cut to Maya, who remains her usual freakishly calm self as she pivots her head back and forth to watch the argument like a tennis match. Ruth starts sobbing, but even a fight that registered a 7.3 on the Richter scale isn't enough to set off Maya. That kid could totally be a Fremen. Fk = 46. 46!

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