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The Naked And The Dead

Down in Palm Springs, Mitzi is leading the brothers through Kroehner's guest house, which was once owned by Frank Sinatra. She also introduces them to "Pepper," a hottie cabana-boy who used to be captain of the USC swim team. Nate can't believe they're wasting time like this. David can't tear his eyes away from Pepper's abs. Heh. Mitzi keeps on babbling, the upshot of which is that they should just forget about the trials and tribulations of running a small business, and have fun for the rest of the day. Perhaps imagining himself toweling off a wet and frisky Pepper, David says they should give it a shot.

Formaldehyde Fortress. Ruth enters Claire's empty bedroom to drop off some laundry, and finds herself examining the paintings on the wall. Apparently she's never seen them before either. Claire appears in the doorway, and Ruth quickly hustles out of there without saying a word.

Now David and Nate are sitting side-by-side in a hot tub, both with towels draped over their eyes. If you look closely, you can actually see Peter Krause's chest hair floating amongst the bubbles. Mitzi appears behind them in a bright red fifties-style bathing suit, and joins them in the water. "I want you to know, Matt Gilardi never got to come here," she says, presumably because the sun would have melted his excessively pale skin. Then she calls Pepper over, and he passes an envelope to Nate. The brothers look inside, and find a check with a value that no amount of manipulation of my TiVo's pause button will reveal. Sorry. "That's considerably more money than we've ever offered you," says Mitzi. Incidentally, the boys are sitting real close, with David's arm draped around Nate's shoulders, and they're just so cute that I want to wrap them up and take them home and cuddle with them all night long. Whoa. Sorry. Got a little out of control there. Nate is still being a party-pooper, however, and he tears up the check and dunks it in the water as he explains that they "like [their] lives just the way they are." Mitzi is furious, and she jumps right out of the tub, barking, "Honey, it may be tomorrow, or it may be ten years from now, but y'all are going under. It is just evolution. Kroehner's got the size, the resources, the market share, the lobbyists in Washington, and what've y'all got? Your pride? Well, woo hoo." Then she tells them the car for the airport is leaving in five minutes.

Forsaking those five minutes, we now cut directly to the plane, where Nate and David appear to be alone. David is worried that maybe they should have taken the offer, but Nate insists that they can never give up, and never surrender. Also, he occasionally likes to wear sunglasses at night. Then he grabs his forehead, and David inquires if his medication is bothering him. He also wants to know if Nate has told Brenda about the anvilitis yet, and Nate lies through his presumably hairy teeth and says yes. "How'd she take it?" asks David. "Well, you know Brenda," answers Nate. "She pretends to be stronger than all of us." Fade to white.

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