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The Naked And The Dead

Back at Brenda's Brotherfucking Boudoir, Nate climbs into bed with his betrothed. They kiss and cuddle, and suddenly the doorbell rings. Brenda says it's a client, and tries to get up to answer it, but Nate won't let her. He tickles her a bit, and then sits up to straddle her chest, saying, "God, I love you so much." Then he grabs a pillow and starts smothering her. Yeah! Go Nate! It's your birthday! Oh, wait. Damn. Dream sequence. Oh, well. Brenda wakes up alone and out of breath, and runs to go answer the doorbell, which really was ringing.

St. Stephens. David and the Little White Sex Dork (who I always assumed was Jewish for some reason) emerge from services, and make plans for the afternoon. Suddenly Taylor runs over, and we get a shot of Keith and Eddie standing on the other side of the patio. David gets a big hug from Taylor, and the LWSD gets a dirty look. Heh. "I didn't know you were here," says David. "That's a big-ass lie," replies Taylor. "I saw you staring in church." Heh again. Keith lies to Eddie (sort of), and says that he and David had an argument, and then he calls Taylor back over to join them. "Who's she?" wonders the LWSD. "Oh, her uncle is an old friend of mine," explains David.

Brenda's Bordello of Boredom. She's got a bald and geeky-looking client on a massage table in her living room, and it's worth noting that the only reason she's using a table for this client when she never has before is that the camera angles required for this scene won't work if the guy's on the floor. I just thought you should know that. She has him roll over onto his back, and he apologizes for the erection she's so conveniently blocking by saying that it happens to him all the time. "It's nothing I haven't seen before," she says, re-covering him with the towel. And then suddenly, and for no good reason at all, she reaches under the towel and starts giving him a bit of the jerkie-jerkie. Yeah! Go client! It's your birthday! Oh, wait. It's NOT a dream sequence. Damn. Oh, well. The only reason I can think of that she might have decided to do something like this (besides the obvious psychobabble reasons we're meant to infer) is that the client does have a really hairy chest. So maybe she just got confused and thought he was Nate. Either way, the guy only lasts about ten seconds (for which the audience will be eternally grateful), and then we cut to a shot of Brenda washing her hands and looking disgusted with herself. The now-dressed client asks for another appointment, and when she turns him down, he just leaves some money on the counter and walks out.

Meanwhile, at the Fortress, Nate is setting up for the DGDJ's funeral. The Widow DJ enters and asks for permission to see her husband's body, even though David already turned her down. Since Nate is fresh out of relevant C.S. Lewis quotes, he reluctantly agrees. He opens the casket, and the Widow DJ stares in silence for a moment before breaking into a mixture of laughter and tears and screaming that she's "fucking glad" that he's dead. Great acting from Harriet Sansom Harris here, by the way. "I hope it hurt like hell!" she shrieks, before regaining control and solemnly whispering, "He can't hit me anymore, can he?" Ladies and gentlemen, Alan Ball, Master of The One-Line Reversal. Understanding slowly dawns on Nate's face, and the Widow strides away, never to be seen again.

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