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The Naked And The Dead

David's Lawyer-Loving Loft. He and the Sex Dork enter, and immediately collapse onto the sofa, kissing and making out. "I could really love you, David Fisher," says the LWSD, with a really odd line delivery. David just says nothing at all, and understanding slowly dawns on the Little White Sex Dork's face as well. "Not exactly the response I was looking for," he says, "although I can't say I'm entirely surprised." David apologizes repeatedly, and says he likes The Dork a lot, but it's just that he's in love with someone else. "I just thought it would be a good idea for me to get involved with someone else," explains David, but the LWSD doesn't care. He's gets all huffy and storms out of the loft, leaving David alone with his lust for Keith.

Alan Ball: What was that ruckus?
Anthony Michael Hall: Uh, what ruckus?
Alan Ball: I was just in my office and I heard a ruckus.
Anthony Michael Hall: Could you describe the ruckus, sir?
Alan Ball : It sounded suspiciously like a dork's heart breaking.
Anthony Michael Hall: Oh. That. Um, you can just ignore that.
Alan Ball: Uh, okay. Also, why are we wearing bras on our heads?
Anthony Michael Hall: It's purely ceremonial.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Ruth is mopping when Sarah arrives with some "organic spices" she bought as a gift. There's no word on whether or not they were grown by a man named Gunther who once slept with Stevie Nicks. She's also brought a happy little bonsai tree for Claire to put in her knowledge corner, one that was presumably purchased with Mr. Dollarbillyagi. Ruth remains cold and insensitive, as she's prone to do, and then suddenly blurts out her emotions, as she's also prone to do: "You waltz in here after twenty years, insulting my cooking, getting drunk with my boyfriend, filling my daughter's head with all kinds of ideas, and reminding my sons of traumatic events in their lives." Sarah tries to explain that Nate would have lost his virginity eventually anyway, and that "Fiona" was a "very compassionate" woman. "He was molested!" exclaims Ruth. "He was a horny fifteen-year-old who couldn't believe his luck!" answers Sarah, and I've got to go with the wacky aunt on this one. The sisters start shouting back and forth, reliving their old childhood disputes, most of which center around the fact that Ruth had to stay home and take care of the legless grandmother while Sarah went out into the world. Gee, does this remind anyone of David and Nate? Yeah. That's what I thought. Sarah finally consents to apologize for what Ruth perceives as her "selfishness," but it doesn't seem to make Ruth feel any better, because Sarah "had more fun" than she did. That one shuts them both up. "Fun?" Sarah finally asks. "The only man I ever loved died when I was twenty-one. The children I so desperately wanted were impossible because my ovaries are dry as stone. And I'm a terrible artist, but I surround myself with people who have talent that I will never realize. It's all hard, Ruth. We just made different choices." The sisters sit quietly, their fury expended, and Sarah mentions how sorry she was to hear about The Late Nate's death. Finally, she takes the mop from Ruth's hands and offers to finish the job herself, thus completing their symbolic reconciliation.

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