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The Naked And The Dead

Alan Ball: That's why you wanted Ally Sheedy? Ew. That's disgusting.
Judd Nelson: Hey, High Art was a pretty good flick. Lesbians are hot. And so is Radha Mitchell. Of course, it hasn't really helped her career any, but still.
Alan Ball: Oh, like you're one to talk about careers, Mr. Suddenly Susan.
Judd Nelson: Two seasons! I did two fucking seasons! And you'll note that when I left, people starting killing themselves.
Alan Ball: Ooh. That's harsh.
Judd Nelson: Yeah, well Brooke can have that affect on people. You think Agassi is sleeping with Streisand and Steffi Graf because they're hot? I don't think so.

In another room, David is furious because the Widow DJ blew them off for a Kroehner funeral home. As the brothers Fisher wander downstairs to the Body Shop, David exposits that this is the third funeral Kroehner has stolen from them since the arrival of Alan Ball's old pal from Grace Under Fire. Uh, I mean Mitzi Dalton-Huntley. They’re still arguing about whether or not it was a good idea for Nate to tell Mitzi to shove the coffin wall up her ass when Rico interjects that he warned them about Kroehner, but no one listened to him. This time, David says it for me: "Not now, Federico." Yeah, I know. It's no "Shut up, Rico," but it'll have to do. David is especially concerned about how they're going to pay an $1,800 fine they received for putting up a billboard without their license number across the street from a retirement home. Oh, that's classy. Nate insists that David was supposed to review the ad before it went to the printer, but David doesn't care, insisting that this makes them look like amateurs. Because all the times they've lost feet, crafted fake cat-food breasts, and suffered from skin slippage make them look so gosh-darned professional. Rico does some more whining about how he has to leave work early (again!), and that he's "not comfortable" styling some dead woman's hair without a picture to work from. "[The picture] came in this morning," shouts David, "and I put it in her file, which you would know if you bothered to look!" He storms out, threatening to low-ball Kroehner to keep the DGDJ's funeral, and Nate shrugs apologetically at Rico, as if to explain his brother's tight-ass behavior. Shut up, Nate. David is totally right to be pissed at Rico, and I would have so fired his ass by now, "restorative artist" or not.

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