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Later, Ruth and Nikolai are in the kitchen. "I think this went pretty good tonight, yes?" asks Nikolai. "What are you talking about? One of my sons is high on drugs!" exclaims Ruth, over a shot of Nate waving his arms around in the other room. "He just seems happy," says an obviously clueless Nikolai. Then Claire and Gabe enter, and report that they're going out to the movies. Claire says they'll be home late, and reminds Mom that she told them they're all adults. Mommie Drearest is about to complain, but then Claire gives her a quick kiss goodnight, and is even sweet to Nikolai, so Mom just lets her go.

Meanwhile, in the other room, however, The Wrecked-Angle Head (tm sorkinhead) is on a roll. Again, I'll just transcribe this verbatim:

Nate: It's all about flowing. It flows up, it flows down, and then sometimes things stop it from flowing and you stay, and it's like you just kinda move in a little pool, you know, like you're…in a…in a little eddy. And that's what it all comes down to. It's everything. Everything in my life. Every THING. You know, this thing, this thing in my head, it's all about flow. [Long exhale.]
David: Flow?
Nate: [Longer exhale, complete with Jim Carrey-esque facial contortions.]
David: Uh-huh.

Nate watches David's response, and then suddenly his face lights up. "Oh my God!" he says. "Oh my God, that was so totally you. That was so totally David." Nate kneels down beside his brother and stares up at him. "I love you," he sighs, prompting Brenda to jump up and head for the door. "I hope I didn't do anything to fuck you up when we were kids. [to Brenda] Did you know I taught David how to masturbate?" I can't tell whose facial expressions are funnier here, Peter Krause's or Michael C. Hall's. It's a pretty close race. David begs Brenda to take Nate with her, but she flat-out refuses. Nate gropes her goodbye a few times, and wonders aloud how he managed to get high without taking any drugs. David finally relents and even smirks a bit as he mentions that there might have been "a stray tab of Ecstasy" hidden in the aspirin bottle, thus filling in the only two people left on the planet who haven't figured it out yet. Relieved to finally have an explanation, Brenda instructs Nate to call her next week, and bolts out the door. Nate then rejoins David on the couch, and rubs both his thighs and his chest as he confesses that David's opinion of Brenda is important, because he's the only brother Nate has. This time, Michael C. Hall definitely has the funnier facial expression. But not by much.

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