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Zed's Dead, Baby. Zed's Dead.

Up in her room, Claire has logged onto AOL to send AOL Instant Messages to all the great AOL people she's met on AOL (which, by the way, is easy to use, and the choice of disaffected youth everywhere!). Seriously, people. There's product placement, and then there's product porn, and we've just crossed the line. Then again, with that first quarter they just had, can you really blame them for taking some free advertising on a sister network? They need all the help they can get. Anyway, Claire is chatting with Billy, and the only thing notable about their conversation is the screen names. Billy's is BillyBatty, which is pretty funny, but Claire's is ICDeddPeople. ICDeddPeople? Are we really supposed to believe that someone who listens to Sleater-Kinney and just dumped a boy for being too "nice" would ever use a screen name as mainstream and dorky as ICDeddPeople? Now admittedly, I'm not one to talk ("Aaron" isn't exactly a creative masterpiece or anything), but if I were Claire I wouldn't be caught dead referencing that movie. On the other hand, ICDeddPeople could (in theory, at least) be an incredibly clever and subtle slam at AOL's instant messaging competitors over at ICQ. Somehow I doubt anyone on the SFU writing staff is a big enough geek for that one, however.

Ruth joins Nikolai on the sofa in the sun room, and tells him that he should "yell very loudly" if he needs anything during the night. She also fluffs his pillows, adjusts his blankets, and moves his bedpan within reach. Nikolai just stares at her face and smiles, and then tells her that she's beautiful. Ruth looks very pleased with herself as she turns out the light and heads back into the kitchen. Once she's alone in there, however, she picks up a serving plate that leads her into our final flashback of the episode. It's the same plate she used for Christmas dinner last year, and we see the Late Nate picking up a carrot stick from it on his way out the door to get Nate. She chastises him for messing up the swirl in her dip, and he says he just wanted one for the road, because "airport traffic is going to be murder." Oy. You pretty much have to make that joke there, but still. Beware of falling anvils. The Late Nate tries to kiss his wife goodbye, but she just pops a celery stick in his mouth and sends him out the door. As we return from the flashback, Ruth stands at the sink and cries. Is she mourning her husband, or the fact that she was actually having sex with Ed Begley Jr.? You be the judge.

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