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The Body Shop. David and Rico are working on Aunt Lillian, when Rico decides that now would be the perfect time to ask the boss for a favor. As someone who holds a highly "Dilbert"-esque day job, let me give all you kids out there a quick little business behavior tip: The best time to ask your boss for a favor is either late in the afternoon when they’re on their way out the door, or right after they’ve gotten back from vacation. It is never, ever, right after you’ve insulted their sexuality. Or really, after you’ve insulted them at all. Bosses tend to not like that for some reason. For example, I made sure to ask Sars about recapping Mind of the Married Man BEFORE turning in this recap late. Had I done it the other way around, I probably would have gotten stuck with some crappy network show like The Amazing Race. Ew. Networks have cooties. Anyway, Rico wants to use the Fortress to hold a christening party for the new baby, and he does at least partially redeem himself by adding that he wants all the Fishers (David included) to be there, because he still thinks of their family as an extension of his own. Apparently moved by this sentiment, David quickly agrees, and he and Rico share a nice little embalmer’s bonding moment. Their reverie is interrupted, however, by the arrival of yet another fax. "Now what?" asks David, as Rico grabs the paper. "Has Tracy decided to have Aunt Lillian cremated and her ashes placed in a Faberge egg? Can we do it by seven tonight?" Actually, what it really says is, "Father Jack is gay." "Oh, good grief," exclaims David, in his finest Charlie Brown impersonation.

Suddenly, we’re in an ambulance. There’s a paramedic guy speaking rapidly into a radio, and I’ve read enough of Wing Chun’s recaps to know that he’s giving the proverbial "bullet." Brenda is unconscious with a head injury and a bunch of other medical mumbo-jumbo, and Nate -- or Patient #2, as they insist on calling him -- is awake but disoriented. Well, more disoriented than usual, I guess. An unfortunately framed close-up lets us know that all the bountiful and diverse denizens of the thorny thickets that Peter Krause calls sideburns are merely shaken, and not seriously injured. Well, thank god for that.

Oh, all right. Fine. I guess it wouldn’t really be an official SFU season finale without at least an appearance by Ed Begley Jr., but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t getting my hopes up until this next scene mercilessly crushed them. Ruth and Hiram are enjoying a lovely dinner of Chilean sea bass when the St. Elsewhore announces that he has something he wants to talk about, and "he’s not proud of [it]." Uh oh. It’s not like Ed has a lot of pride left to begin with, so you just know this is going to be bad. In fact, the St. Elsewhore has been, well, whoring around, and he’s met "someone else." Begley cleverly declines to use any gender-specific pronouns in his little speech, although he does describe the new relationship as being potentially quite "profound." Ruth is surprisingly calm and cool about the whole thing, even going so far as to encourage Ed to pursue this new "person." "Who knows," she says. "Maybe the two of you could have something, as you say, profound." Aww. "Lord knows we don’t." Heh. Ed looks absolutely devastated by the fact that Ruth isn’t devastated at all. Seriously. His expression here (coupled with all the electric car jokes) almost makes his presence this season worthwhile. Almost.

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